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Weekend Moments 12.30.17

It’s so good to be back at my desk today, looking at my new beautiful laptop screen! No smudges or anything… so sparkly!

I just have to say that while I had some time away from this thing last week, I was thinking about how I feel so lucky to have such awesome readers. I can simply publish a post pretty much flat-out venting  (I am v. transparent and can’t really keep in how I’m feeling, you should know this about me) and you still visit, leave such sweet emails and comments, and are always so kind and encouraging. It makes me so happy to know the kind of people who read my blog, are such warm-hearted and inspiring women. So thank you for bearing with me through the not so great moments!

I am feeling back to normal, however, a little behind, but I am in a major get shit done mood, so am happy. I think it might be the giant cup of coffee I just took back, so we will run with it for now! How was your weekend? It was sunny and although still cold, I have high hopes it’s inching up each day. Woo!

So, Matt and I celebrated our three year anniversary on Thursday and he surprised me with a trip to Hawaii in April as an anniversary/my birthday/him finishing busy season around that time gift. First of all, how sweet is he? That was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, it made me teary eyed! I have never been, can you believe that? I also haven’t been on a beach vacation in years! Matt and I have never together, so we are so looking forward to it. It most certainly brightened my spirits end of last week. I cannot wait!

We also went up to our wine club yesterday, which was an absolute blast. The lovely girl working kept bringing us a glass from close by picnic blanket tastings, and we sipped our favorite pinot in between while watching Scout prance around, completely blissed out. He will be glad to know we frequent in the summers, so many good times ahead for us all. A tipsy owner is a happy pet. 😉

Lastly, I completely refreshed my Pinterest page ( a la my iPad last week! I had some time on my hands), so be sure to follow along. SO much new pretty to inspire.

I hope you have a wonderful week, friends. More to come this week– come back and visit soon!

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  1. Glad you are back in full operating mode and congrats on your anniversary! And thank you for being so inspiring! Your humbleness is so admirable because girl, you are always killin it!


    1. Thanks lady! Me too!

      And you’re so kind, I always appreciate your sweet messages and am really happy to have you here!

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