Lately 3.6.23

Hi, good morning! How are we? I needed a tiny bit of a break from work this past week and it feels really nice to come back. It feels like reuniting with a friend you haven’t seen in a little and have lots to cover!

Brimming with energy or excitement is always a good feeling. As a side note, to the handful of you who reached out and suggested a happy light for SADS this time of year, um… thank you. You passed the friendship test forever and I am eternally grateful. Is it possible to actually feel the effects upon first use? Even if it was just a placebo effect, I am drinking the kool-aid and feel like a million bucks today.

Some moments from this past week…

I am in the biggest love-fest of my life right now. Grace is purely edible right now and the most incredible, hilarious, brilliant, and vibrant little beam of light. I am just amazed by her everyday and how much I adore her. It is the most unique and beautiful feeling in the world. She has Matt and I melted into a puddle these days and belly laughing non-stop. It’s been such a deep love from the start, but lately it is just next level. I want to dive into this in a separate post as I’ve been meaning to catch up on all things motherhood lately, so will save all my gushing. But UGH!! I really do just want to eat her.

I celebrated my 35th birthday on the 7th and felt super loved—that’s all I can really ever ask for. I went to lunch with girlfriends and then spent the evening at home with my family. Matt brought home cupcakes, party hats and horns, and we ordered pizza. It was so cute.

A birthday gift to myself. I have definitely chatted about my love of Anna Quan many times—her knit dresses are in a league of their own. Always the most lovely fabric, cut, and flattering silhouette. This one is by far my favorite that she’s created. But I also have this / this from her latest collection and they’re equally stunning.

For AQ, I always do true size (AUS8) unless it’s longer, I go down a size to ensure it works with my height (5’5 ish).

Rainy day rosé in a new favorite red and white stripe (really can’t get enough lately) knit…

Signs around my neighborhood that spring is nearing…

This view made me happy while arriving into the city. The route had me take Embarcadero to my hair appointment in the Marina and I was happy about it. Excited to continue these visits through the warmer seasons, it’s such an easy drive late mornings during the week!

I remember when I was pregnant and would get lots of comments about my home style and all the opinions that can with this subject! One reader who is a teacher made a comment that stuck with me—people don’t give toddlers enough credit!

I, of course, put lots of things away and baby-proofed for safety purposes when G was crawling, learning to walk, and exploring. But we reached a point (around 1.5) where I decided it was time to “lifestyle train” (a phrase we picked up from puppy lessons, haha). Of course there is patience and repeating things a lot to allow them to understand, but it has been working so well for us. Grace knows what she can play or look through and when to leave alone. We tell her she can say hi to things she can’t get into… and she will walk over to them now and wave with her sweet little high-pitched “hiiiii”!

Birthday jacket a la Nili Lotan (similar version here!)

Feeling French — the top I haven’t stopped talking about.

Getting me through winter: espresso in bed—fresh new linens, to be specific (the best) — from Hudson Grace’s new bedding collection! Holy grail status.

And my gosh, this cardigan is just perfection. I am not a regular TB consumer, but every so often a knit she creates speaks to my soul. This one is a gem!


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