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Hi! Hope you are having a beautiful week. I needed to take a tiny break from the blog... but I am happy to be back here. I thought a little catch up might be in order!

After getting home from our St. Helena trip at the end of June, life swept us up into a whirlwind with Scout's surgery (damn foxtails) and a lot of prepping for our renovation coming up. Scout is doing great... my inbox is not. 🙂

I have been in a total and utter lovefest with Grace lately... as you may pick up from the photo diary below. She is just absolutely delicious right now. It's just so fun being able to talk with her. I swear every week I am blown away at how much she picks things up. She's saying full-on sentences now and can tell us exactly what she needs, likes, doesn't like... it's so cool. Lately my favorites are: "Oh—sowdy!" (sorry)... and "I need mommy"!

This past weekend was one of my favorites to date in a while! Love our Saturday coffee run / pasty ritual. Time in the garden. A fun breakfast or lunch out. Kiddy pool or sprinkler runs. Just enjoying her excitement towards life.

In other news! I have been enjoying a slower paced couple of weeks. I don't have a ton of work projects at the moment (aside from my on-going work with Mytheresa and Shopbop). Been organizing our home and getting things ready for next month. Making selections for cabinets, flooring, hardware. It is all starting to feel so real! I can't believe it.

Flowers above are from my garden! I love a wild assortment, this bunch is making me very happy.

Saturday morning cartoons! Grace is loving Minnie Mouse right now, she is all about Mickey's clubhouse. Wearing a new sweat set from Left on Friday. Super cute! I got size small, and probably could have done the size down... but happy with this relaxed fit.

Anytime I see Scout on the sofa with a limb hanging off, it melts me!! So cute. He is such a little floppy muppet.

A stripe set a reader told me about... love! I got size small

I cannot get enough of Grace in pigtail buns! I feel like when she has them on, they encapsulate her personality so perfectly! Also, everywhere we go these days, she brightens anyone we meet's day. I know I'm her biased mother, but she really is such a little beam of sunshine.

If you've been around here for awhile, you know we love our bowls! This one was so good. Arborio rice, roasted chickpeas, black beans, cucumber, watermelon radish, tomatoes, french feta, mint and parsley and a lemon dijon dressing.

Love this JK sweater, it's my favorite of the month (I sized up!) / wearing with an old Mannei skirt.

An oldie but goodie in my closet—IRO studded jacket that I wore with a new SEA dress!

In my LOVER era — hearts for Eras this weekend. I love them because they aren't a perfect heart shape, a little more edgy than the standard—but still super sweet.

My whole camera roll.

The new blanket is by a brand called Lewis. Love it.

Little pixie.

Drop off style—shorts (I have small, could have done XS too), sweater (on major sale), Hermes bag

still my favorite straw bag (comes in a small size, too—literally the most beautiful and durable bag), and my favorite Johann Ortiz skirt (I have a size 2 in this)

This potato vine has grown a crazy amount this past year. Creating such a dreamy scene in our breezeway. I love potato vines so much.

Wearing my favorite Frame stripe top and silk Toteme shorts (wear them constantly, think I need the black at some point).

The most lovely Bernadette dress. I've talked about this Antwerp-based brand in the past, they make such charming pieces—both for your home and closet.

New beautiful tray for my bedside—I have a code for you to use at Anastasio Home, it's ashleykane10 for 10% off 🙂

An ode to Rhode—in love with this line after using for a month. I can't say enough good things it's made my skin so fresh and happy. I noted the things I have been using lately that have made a big difference.

We'll chat more soon! x

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