3rd Trimester — Latest and a Little Q&A

The home stretch. It all happened so fast, I would say, from week 25 on. My belly started to really take off, the weight gain, the loss of energy, and those 3rd trimester discomforts. I have said it before and I will say it again though… I can handle anything after how I felt in my first trimester! It made me one tough cookie.

If there is one thing I have taken away from pregnancy is that if you are accepting of the fact that things will be hard and uncomfortable… you already have the upper hand because your expectations are low and you will just end up feeling stronger through all phases. That was my issue in my first, I went into it thinking it would be easy. Don’t ask, I don’t know! We are growing a human, so it is by no means easy, but absolutely worth it all.

Overall, pregnancy surprised me. I was kind of unsure about how it would suit me. I’ve always wanted to be a mom but never really thought much about or felt excited about the pregnancy part. But I look back on the last eight months and it makes me feel so emotional! I feel like a changed person and she isn’t even here yet. I feel so ready to step into this role and start this new phase of life. I love this little girl so much and would do anything for her, our time together with her in my belly is something I will treasure forever.

It’s true what they say, you have a whole new appreciation for your body during pregnancy, too. I’ve been in complete awe over how much it has changed and all that it is doing to care for her. I’m not going to lie, though, I gained a bit more weight since I hit the 3rd trimester (more than the average they estimate — namely my legs), and while it’s felt super uncomfortable lately, I am trying to focus on the fact that I am a healthy vessel for our little one. Trying to stay as active as possible lately… my advice is to stay active in your second trimester to keep your stamina up! I slacked off a bit midway through second trimester and it’s been more challenging now that my belly is so big and I’ve lost some steam. Starting to take daily walks and do little pilates segments again leading up to my due date.

That’s about it though! You guys sent in such good questions that I feel will cover other things on my mind, so let’s dive into those!

Are you nervous about labor?

I’m most nervous about contractions. Full-disclosure, I am choosing to get an epidural, so I am most nervous about how contractions will feel. I have been reading up and chatting with friends on ways to help get through them, but there’s nothing more nerve-wracking to me than the unknown!

I am going into my personal experience with a loose birth plan—work through contractions at home while I can (I’ve heard moving through them, squatting, taking a shower all help), head to the hospital when it’s time, trust in my doctors/nurses and essentially hand over my body to science. That’s what I like to tell myself whenever I go into to doctor appointments, etc. handing your body/modesty over to the professionals. One moment and breath at a time. Not a lot of expectations going into it, just want to ride it out, stay positive, and get her here safely.

Also, I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband. He is my steady place and is just so comforting and calms me like nothing else. It will be amazing to have him by my side through it all.

When did you truly start planning for baby’s arrival?

I would say the last couple of weeks (so 32 weeks or so). We have all her gear, nursery set up, postpartum and BF things for me, and a plan in place for how to make the first few weeks easier on us. We are taking our birthing class and CPR class this weekend and I just started a BF course as well (doing the Karrie Locher one). My goal is to have hospital bags ready and to know how to use all baby gear and BF things by weeks 35/36.

Cravings for unhealthy food—what to do about it!

Ugh this is tough! I’ve struggled with this one, too. I’ve tried my best to just listen to my body and allow treats throughout (all of my cravings have been not the healthiest lol… cookies, limonata, ice cream)… but make sure that the majority of what I eat is healthy and nutritious for the baby. Find a few super healthy things you really enjoy. For me it’s been trail mix, fruit and yogurt bowls for breakfast, hard boiled eggs with dukkah, salmon and sauteed spinach every Sunday. Rituals and healthy go-tos have been key.

What prenatal/supplements have you been taking during your pregnancy?

I take Perelel prenatal vitamins, magnesium before bed (always do this, pre-baby), and Seed probiotic (the absolute best and have been incredibly beneficial through pregnancy).

Most unexpected symptoms?

The whole leg situation at night. My doctor said because my hips aren’t used to carrying this weight, they aren’t as supported and it can cause painful aches in the evenings when I am sleeping on my side. People always talk about it being uncomfortable to sleep in the third trimster… my legs weren’t what I pictured being the uncomfortable thing! Other than when I flip sides and it feels like someone tried to cut my legs off in my sleep—I have been sleeping really well…

I won’t hold my breath though, haha.

Anything unexpected that you’ve loved about pregnancy?

I never really thought about how I would feel during pregnancy. What I’ve loved is the bond I already feel with her and how much I adore her. Feeling her move around, playing her music (she’s a Swiftie, naturally), and thinking about our life ahead together has been so special. I hold my belly throughout the day and it just has become such a big part of my everyday life. It’s the strangest thing, I haven’t met her yet, but I have this feeling all the time of missing her. When she’s sleeping and not kicking around I wait patiently until she is and then will stop what I’m doing just to feel her movements. Again, looking back on my experience, it is with fond memories, even the hard times, because I am just so grateful.

What was the best maternity purchase you got that you were able to grow into?

Hatch over-under lounge pants. They have been crucial, I have 3 pairs. I will wear them beyond pregnancy and postpartum, too… so good.

What are the drawer inserts you used for your nursery?

They are from SortJoy, a local SF-based company!

How to find motivation to workout/do anything when you are exhausted 24/7?

Try and feel out the time-slots in which you *do have a bit more energy. For me, it’s when I wake up in the morning. I will make a coffee, work out (back on this train now), and knock out anything I need to do. I hit a wall around 2/3 every day now and that’s when I will take it easier and relax. Also, make sure you’re hydrating a ton, stretching, and eating well to help boost your energy, these things help me!

Do you have a coming home from the hospital outfit for baby?

I am obsessed with the brand Kissy Kissy… right now I am planning to bring her home in one of their jammies!

What’s in your hospital bag?

I am thinking about doing an IG highlight on this (and maybe blog post, too) as I know it’s a big question mark for new moms! I feel that. I asked close friends, did some internet stalking, and ultimately have a list that isn’t over the top, but things that are both very necessary/practical and a few things to bring comfort. I am starting to pack ours this weekend so stay tuned.

How uncomfortable does the 3rd trimester get?

It hasn’t been too bad—everything has been expected (besides said leg removal vibes). I just am taking it really easy and being careful with bending down, maneuvering in and out of bed / in baths, etc. The best way to describe a belly, in my opinion, is it’s like an air bag — quite restricting! I am used to it now, though…

What resources really guided you through pregnancy?

I loved reading Mama Zen, Babywise, Ina May’s Guide to Child Birth, Bringing up Bebe, and we’ve been watching Karrie Locher’s baby essential classes as well. Also very important—our friends! I have sent countless texts and emails to friends asking questions that pop up. Having a support system through this transition has been incredibly empowering and helpful.

Do you plan to share your birth story?

I mean, I think so! I have no idea how it’ll all unfold, so think this is a ~ we’ll get there when we get there thing.

When did you feel baby’s first kicks?

At 20 weeks! Very lightly but definitely kicks. They got more prominent week 22 or so!

How are you preparing for birth itself?

Slowing down, nurturing my body, reading, relaxing. Old wives tale-y things: red raspberry leaf tea, consuming lots of dates (which I do in normal times, I love them with almond butter and sea salt and in smoothes!), and will be taking lavender baths as we get closer. Long walks, stretching, and just staying as present and calm as possible. I’m also working on breath-work as I know that it’s crucial for calming your body through contractions and labor in itself.

What have been your favorite skincare products lately?

I have a post on this here!

What are you most nervous about after baby comes? If anything.

I just want to be my absolute best for her. I’m trying to get some things prepared for my recovery and around our house so that I feel calm and comforted by my surroundings. Other than that, I am just so so excited and ready to meet this girl!



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