A Weekend in Healdsburg and Visit to Chalk Hill Estates

We checked in to Hotel Les Mars around 3 pm, enjoyed a glass of *Chalk Hill Chardonnay in our room, and unpacked before walking around the Healdsburg Square for a bit. After a cocktail down the street at Duke’s, we headed back to the hotel for their wine and cheese pairing in the lobby. When on vacay…

For dinner, we made a reservation at the hotel’s restaurant (and one of our favorites in the area), Chalkboard. This is a must next time you visit.

*this wine is the epitome of a refreshing summer sip! Aromas of lemon curd, yellow apple, vanilla, and a subtle minerality. A luxurious mouthfeel, balanced acidity, rich flavors and a long, layered and deeply satisfying finish.

On Saturday morning we got ready to head over to Chalk Hill Estate for the afternoon for a tasting. Our reason for coming up to Healdsburg! One of my favorite wine brands, as you may know by now, who I am lucky enough to work with. I had never been to their property before and was completely blown away by how massive it is! Sweeping views of lush and verdant vineyards, poppies blooming everywhere, meticulous attention to detail, and a quiet peacefulness that really puts you at ease as soon as you arrive. The marveling didn’t stop at the views–the charming interiors were so good, the tasting experience was to die for (highly recommend!), and of course, their variety of wines. We were happy as clams.

We decided to do their Culinary Tour & Tasting, which was one of the best tasting experiences we’ve had. One of the gentlemen who was apart of our group had done this particular tasting before and was raving about it as we sat down. He was absolutely right, it was so enjoyable! We sat in a beautiful dining room with doors open to a balcony overlooking the vineyards. The chef brought in one dish at a time, using fresh ingredients from their garden while pairing each with Chalk Hill wines.

Every dish was so thoughtful and delicious. Lunch was followed by decadent truffles and a nice pour of pinot for the road. We hopped on the property branded safari truck (you probably saw scenes of this on Instagram stories, they are still on my highlights under “Healdsburg” if you missed it!) and got to see the property in the most fun and unique way. After wine and cruising around on that thing– all smiles all around. The tour was about 10-15 minutes, which was perfect.

It was such a laidback and satisfying afternoon. We learned a lot and enjoyed every second of it. Mastering a good tasting experience is an art. You want to keep things moving, interesting, informative, but also fun– and they did such a good job of this.

Here are all the tasting options at Chalk Hill in case you’re interested…

This was my favorite dish from the tasting { ricotta gnocchi with spring peas and pickled onions }

We’re going to have to go back soon because their wedding venue photos look amazing, too. Could be another great option! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about your next trip to Healdsburg! x

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