May Mood ’18

Today was a really good day. A little inspiration hunting does wonders for the soul. I love putting these posts together. I’ve always been passionate about mood-boarding, ever since I was little. My mom used to collect Vogue and Elle Magazines and would let me clip through them to create collages on 8×10 printing paper with a glue-stick. I had a binder where I would collect them and slip each into sheet protectors. I would cut out pretty graphics, outfits I loved, words. It’s something over the years I’ve kept up with, in all forms, that feels nostalgic and special. As a very visual person, these are one of my favorite inspiration drivers each month. Hope you enjoy them, too!

I love the color story of this one. The warm and fresh vibes. It reminds me of how I feel as soon as the weather shifts each spring (albeit just a bit late this year!). I am happiest out and about, picnic-ing, wandering, traveling, snapping pretty photos at the farmer’s market, sitting poolside with my feet in. I love taking in all of the easy vibes that come with summer. I can’t help but stop and stare when I run into citrus trees. I read more than ever this time of year. It’s all just so relaxed and breezy. The season to reboot, catch up, and enjoy.

A few things in May:

first picnic of the year (tonight)
visiting a beautiful winery this weekend

sending out our wedding party gifts
another wine country escape
hopefully nailing down a wedding venue!
bringing my camera along with me much more
MDW in Tahoe


What are you looking forward to this month?


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