Notes on Meal Prepping Tools and Kitchen Storage

Completely and utterly on a deep cleanse and organizing spree around here… with a side of Martha Stewart mentality. I‘m so inspired to master the art of food prep, utilizing produce, organize our fridge and cabinets so I know what we have on hand at all times, and in doing so—waste less, be better about testing new recipes and making things up as I go with the produce in our fridge, and maximize nutrients for each meal.

We don’t have a ton of cabinet space for food/spices, so my goal is to maximize what we’re working with and sift through the clutter a bit to the things we actually use. And as I mentioned on IG, research ways to preserve the things we buy and store in our fridge. I also want to clean out our pantry and condiment door and remove things with added sugar (sorry, honey! the man loves condiments…).

Speaking of which, another action item on my list is to make *all of my own salad dressings (they’re so easy) and experiment with making my own jam, nut butter, and nut milk. In the mood to DIY and have the healthiest versions of the items we use regularly. When you’re in these moods you just have to run with it…

What inspired this all is that I’ve noticed recently that I have been wasting some of my produce lately and that’s always such a bummer for many reasons. I think mainly because Matt has been eating dinner at his office and I have been getting lazy about making dinner for myself some evenings. I realized that prepping on Sundays will really help motivate a nutritional meal with no excuses each night since it’s much faster to throw together. And I think it’ll allow for more creativity, too!

I’ve been reading up on so many amazing tips today while researching how to best store and utilize produce like a champ, and I’m excited to share things as I go. One that I would have never thought of is to store produce remains (like onion wrapper/peels, ends of carrots, etc.) in the freezer for making your own chicken stock… genius. Love learning fun cooking tricks like that!

So anyway, you’ll see progress posts this week as new storage things arrive, but I wanted to share some of the tools and food prep storage I own and love, and some that I’m looking forward to using each week…


I use this Tupperware for the most part and LOVE them.

I love the idea of using these popsicle molds for leftover smoothies.

I hate when the classic mason jar lids get rusty, so I got these lids instead.

Someone who reads my blog suggested these reusable beeswax paper wraps.

I’ve *really* been needing a new kitchen knife and ordered this one that came highly recommended.

I’m going to move my spices to a drawer this week to create more room in the cabinets for dry food.

Ordered a few stasher bags, too, as I’ve heard the best things! xx

Would Martha be proud or would Martha be proud?!

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  1. Hi there! I somehow stumbled on your blog and I love the aesthetic! However, I started to see some items that looked just like yours on someone else’s blog and found that the similarities I was seeing were not coincidental (borderline aesthetically copying?) and thought I would give you a heads up. I understand folks being inspired by someone, but the detail of having the same exact book on their nightstand positioned just so, same jewelry holder, same glass of water, same sleeping mask, same mirror in their house styled just so……and then their entire page almost looking identical (posing, the similar colored outfits) – it just got a bit eerie. They even have a blog started and some of the pages are labeled a bit like yours on your blog. There are affiliate linking on these pages, so it’s not just inspiration, but someone trying to make coin off of someone else’s ideas (how I see it, if you are copying things down to exact items). Here is the link that made me start to wonder from their IG page: No matter if you care or not, I thought you should know, as you’ve worked hard to create what you have. Take care!

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