Creating and Caring for a Spring Bouquet

Right now, flowers are inspiring me every day. Each walk I take I must stop at least a handful of times to whip out my camera and capture the beauty taking over the city. The camellias and wisteria alone are seriously breath-taking over here! It’s my favorite time of year to bring home blooms, so this week I stopped by my favorite flower shop to buy a bunch for our coffee table. I love Le Bouquet (on Union Street), and have become friends with the owner, Ladan, who’s family has owned the shop for over forty years. Since she took on management, she painted the walls white, cultivated a stunning wall of hanging dried flowers, and offers the most luscious flowers daily. Her true passion for flowers and helping people bring beauty into their homes shines through when you meet her, so be sure to say hello next time you visit!

I asked her if she would send me over a few tips on how to arrange a bouquet and how to care for them so they live longer and I’m excited to report back! I always kind of wing it, so it’s good to know I was doing a few things right…

“It’s one of the best times of year to create your own bouquet because everything is blooming!”

Creating a Bouquet

* Take advantage of flowering branches in Spring: almonds, cherries, lilacs… to name a few…
* It always good to start with greens to create a foundation/support for everything else you want to add
* Choose 1-2 focal blooms (these should be bigger and/or brighter and 3-4 smaller blooms)
* Stick to odd numbers per bloom, so 3 or 5 instead of 4
* Don’t be afraid of color and texture, there are flowers available in any color you can imagine right now and what grows together naturally will always look good together in an arrangement!

Taking Care of Blooms

* Remove any leaves below the water line to prevent bacterial growth, adding a bit of bleach can also help
* Most importantly keep water fresh by changing every couple of days
* If you buy flowers often I recommend investing in floral sheers. Cutting a bit off the stems every time you change the water will help your flowers live days longer
* Branches: Cut a vertical slit into the stems so they can drink more easily
* Keep your cut blooms away from direct sun or heat
* Death spreads death– if there’s one flower dying, remove it from the bunch!
* Fun Tip: Towards their last days, cutting flowers, so there is only 2-3″ left of the stem, will give you a couple extra days to enjoy them in a bud vase!

She also carries my palm leaves I love and mini cacti, saving me trips to the flower mart.

Happy flower arranging, friends!

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  1. In Nashville there were no flower shops in my neighborhood and now in Houston AGAIN there are no mom and pop outdoor ones…i need to start one hahah There is something about going to a mega store and getting flowers that doesn’t feel as fun. Let alone my Kroger Peonies didn’t bloom….WOMP!

    1. Oh my goodness, have you heard of Amelia’s Flower Truck in Nashville? May be new, but it is the cutest! I want a flower truck in SF!

    1. Haha, love it 🙂 I know, it feels so good to have them around the house, right? Even just a pretty palm leaf makes such a difference. xx

  2. It’s my favorite time of year to bring home blooms too! Thanks for the tips, excited to use them!

  3. I’ve been getting so much better at keeping my flowers alive longer too- Thanks for these tips! x, Nat

    1. I know, it’s nice to discover these little tricks! I also just learned that if you have wilting hydrangeas, if you put ice cold (ice included) water in the vase, they will come back to life!

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