Ricotta Toast with English Pea & Radish Seed Shoots

Anytime a menu is handed to me, my eyes will immediately gravitate to ‘ricotta’ if an option. It’s kind of incredible actually– so it goes without saying, the stuff is my jam. I mean, how could you not love fluffy cheese? There’s just no turning back once I see it, no other dish meant to be at that point. I am also quite fond of a toast. At times, I will even order just a baguette and jam trio from my favorite brunch in SF. It’s quite wonderful that these two complement each other so well!

My friend came into town this week with a bag of fresh produce and ingredients from Berkely Bowl to cook up something fun and we landed on this dish– and damn… this little appetizer, lunch or even breakfast (why not?) blew me away…

I’ve made other variations of ricotta toast here, but this is even better in my opinion….

Like most toast dishes, it’s super easy. We sliced the bread and brushed on butter to make sure it got a little crispy. De-podded the english peas and mixed them with ricotta. Spread the ricotta and peas on top once the bread was done heating up in the oven. Sprinkled a few extra peas on top (for presentation, obvs). Added the radish seed shoots on top and sprinkled a little sea salt. It is so good, let me know if you end up trying it!

You will need

1 rustic loaf
english peas
radish seed shoots
sea salt


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  1. This looks so delicious – like Spring on a plate! In SF there is a farmers market at Crocker Galleria on Thursdays. There is a vendor there that sells already shelled fresh peas. You have to use them within a day or two but wow they are soooo good. Would be perfect for this recipe!

    1. Oh, so good to know! Thanks lady… that market is so cute. I’ve only been once years ago when I worked downtown, so thank you for reminding me and for the tip! x

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