Dreaming up Our Garden Courtyard

20 January

I recently mentioned on stories—I plan to start asking you guys for post requests on a biweekly basis, and this week I decided to go with a topical suggestion: a garden/outdoor living update! It’s been on my mind/underway, so thought it was nice timing to share what we have planned…

I’m very fond of the courtyard as the sun shines overhead most of the day and it just gets the most stunning light! I know I will be spending loads of time out there so I wanted to create a vibe that is cozy, charming, and inspiring.

Dear Keaton is an absolute favorite home shop of mine, they were the first place I looked for outdoor furniture and I found the most perfect pieces for our space. I had a pretty specific vision—natural elements like teak and rattan as a soft focal point teamed with lush and verdant greenery and blooms… heaven.

Here is a little visual of the vibe we are bringing to life. Our table and chairs should be arriving sometime in February. More to come once they get here. We should be on track to have all our outdoor flooring done by then, too—timing should be great…

Only had eyes for teak, and this one is just perfect...

In love with these darling chairs!

One other thing I am working on for this space. The breezeway hallway that leads to the courtyard is roomy and so lovely—I want to find antique bistro pieces! Thinking a beautiful white wrought iron set to bring some European vibes. We’ll string some bistro lights overhead, too! I imagine reading a magazine with coffee there on warm mornings, or date nights with Matt as we like to pretend we’re in Italy or Paris as often as we can! Will share more on this as things come together… x


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SO good!!!
This is making me wish for summer even more