My Week in Pictures 1.15.21
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I feel like I’m living in a daydream.

It hit me on Saturday… we had our windows open, our wedding playlist was on loud, and I just looked around and tears began to flood down my cheeks. It has been such a surreal feeling, one that I’ve never experienced before.

I have always loved moving, nesting, and taking in all of the unique vibes a new home has to offer and eating up all the possibilities. But this is different. This is a lifelong dream realized and it has been overwhelming this week.

I guess I should rewind a little bit. My parents had me very young and we moved around a lot for my dads job. Home always felt temporary, like a San Francisco rental. I remember when I was in 5th grade I had a friend whose mom was an interior designer. Whenever I’d spend time at their house, I felt so happy and cozy. It was just such a thoughtfully curated, colorful, and warm embrace. Very much something of a Nancy Meyers film. The way it made me feel definitely was the catalyst for my love and curiosity of interior design and creating a space that keeps me inspired. From that point on I moved my room around on a weekly basis and dreamt of a family home that someday felt that magical.

This weekend, I realized that ‘someday’ has arrived. Walking around our new house and seeing our visions come to life have been next level. I just feel in awe of the new life that has unfolded before my eyes. I didn’t really realize it because San Francisco was such a joy for the decade I lived there, but I’ve been waiting for this chapter most of my life.

I can’t wait to raise our daughter here and create the happiest memories under this roof. To look back on her upbringing with the fondest memories of home and how much sunshine it brought to her life. This is our blank canvas, one that will always be treasured, thoughtfully considered, and will hold special memories and pieces that someday I will pass on to her, too.

That was the big weekend moment for me—I don’t think I will ever forget (or take for granted) this feeling… my heart feels very full!

A few other noteworthy things the last few days!

We’ve had the first warm spell since we moved in (it was 70º this weekend) and the rush of excitement and happiness this glimpse of spring and summer living brought to our lives was pretty special. I just love this little garden courtyard so much and cannot wait to see it come together. I have a post coming this week of our plans for it… so stay tuned!

On Friday, I took an artist date (a weekly practice from The Artist’s Way, a book I am really enjoying) and went to my local nursery. The guy who was helping me apologized for the lack of selection but honestly I found so many beautiful plants I wanted to take home but limited myself to three (…that’s all that could fit in my car). Can’t even imagine my lack of chill come March when the nursery is full to the brim. I decided that’ll be my birthday gift this year… lots of plants for our garden! I ended up bringing home a happy wanderer, star jasmine, and Camellia (have always wanted these in my backyard!).

My new Billy Chapata ‘Flowers on the Moon’ poetry book arrived so I opened it up while lounging in the sun and it was such a treat. It inspired me to make this a more frequent ritual… poetry books are perfect for days where you want reading material that is easy to breeze through, inspiring, and uplifting!

We got a lot done around our house this week. We got to enjoy the beautiful transformation of our living and dining room and just a few other small areas left to paint. Matt golfed on Saturday and I tidied up and organized the laundry/mud room which felt so good. (Side note: a lot of people asked me about the baskets we have in there, obsessed with them. Highly recommend).

Sunday we got to enjoy the warm weather together and spent all day outside, had burgers and watermelon juice, listened to music, made a healthy dinner, watched Your Honor (so intense) and went to bed early.

This was the best week I’ve had in a long time—very excited for all that is to come and to share more home update with you in the next couple of days! Have a good one, friends! xx

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  1. Love your rug in your new living room! Where did you get it? Thank you!

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