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Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

—Howard Thurman

Hiii, 2021. May we please call you the comeback year? I live for any kind of fresh start (there’s something wildly thrilling about the first crisp page of a college ruled notebook in my eyes), but for some reason 2021 feels like the ultimate blank canvas. Although we’re still navigating through challenging times in our world, a new year brings new perspective! I am going into this year with a whole lot of hope and gratitude for life. We have all come out on the other side stronger. We’ve got this.

I hope you all had a wonderful NYE and are feeling inspired for a new chapter. I am SO pumped to get content rolling this winter. I am not gonna lie—typically winter can bring me some blues, but I am going to persevere through and focus on creating a whole new lifestyle that brings me peace, motivation, and inspiration. I want to be the best version of myself—for me, my family, and our precious little muffin coming early this summer.

January agenda

Matt starts busy season on Monday (his first, obviously, working all from home) so we are taking this weekend to do all the feel-good things to fuel up. A few projects around our home, organizing, grocery stock up and meal prep, working out, and lots of relaxing/reading/rest leading up to Monday.

I am feeling much better now that I’m in the second trimester (more updates on this coming!) and my goal for January is to instill healthier habits into daily life so that I can feel my absolute best. I feel like between this past year circumstances / pregnancy symptoms, it’s been easier for me to fall off track, but we are changing that.

Home projects are a big one for me this month. I plan to paint the nursery, our bedroom, living room and dining room, and a few exterior details as well. We’re hiring someone to do our living room ceiling paint / wood stain, too, and to hang up some of our lights. So excited! I want to have all paint and things we can do ourselves done by early spring so that we can shift our focus to the garden! As you might have (1000% you have lol) noticed—I am living for this subject as of late. I can’t wait to learn and share more about this new hobby on my site, too. I made a little garden tab on my menu under ‘Home’!

Inspired by

I think it’s so important to fill yourself up with things you love the next couple of months. Make a little “uplift list” (post on this coming soon, too!) of things you enjoy doing, that completely captivate your attention to a point you feel so in the zone. Those moments are the best and so good for our soul (and sanity). We need to do more of these things on the reg. Less time scrolling—more time immersing ourselves into OURSELVES! Take time to clear your plate, and slowly fill it with things that better serve you.

This winter, I’m taking time to read through design books and magazines for home ideas. Excited to dive into some cookbooks and test new recipes. Brainstorming new post ideas for home updates, lots more style content, roundups, and pregnancy talk.

I noticed that a lot of 2020, I was in “waiting” mode. Waiting (and hoping) for things to settle down, waiting to figure this new lifestyle out, waiting to find a house/close on a house, waiting to feel better amidst the start of my pregnancy. But we have one life and we simply cannot sit around waiting for things to happen, we have the power to re-shift our mindset and to create the life we want, right now. I’m going to do better this year to live my life to the fullest. No more limbo!

Happy new year!

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  1. Love what you said about being in ‘waiting mode’ in 2020. I was the same, and now a year has passed! Definitely switching my perspective in 2021 and living in the moment!

    1. Absolutely! We were all just figuring things out (still are!) but at least we are entering a new year having a little more clarity, strength, and resilience. Just have to have hope and focus on living our lives and filling them with things that make us happy.

      I wish you a wonderful 2021, lady! xx

  2. Recently saw a song I liked and did not write it down – a guy riding a bicycle leisurely in a park or wooded area – can you help – can’t remember if you shared in Instagram or where
    I am a HUGE fan of yours – love your style!
    Thank you…Shirley

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