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Happy February! Did you feel as though January flew by? It always feels like January 280 come the end of the month, so this was very surprising to me! If this past month was any indication how the next few months will go, I better get a move on things before baby arrives…

I am very much so looking forward to all the pre-spring things and looking ahead to all that is to come this season. Spring breathes new life into the soul, and it has me feeling more inspired than I’ve been in a long time. Last year, as you can relate I’m sure, I felt like I was in autopilot, just trying to get by, stay positive, and come up with little moments to look forward to. We need exciting things to look forward to as human beings.

I feel like 2021 has brought on a whole new outlook with so much promise, and that in itself is making me feel a little more comforted and gives me hope that our lifestyles are on a path of return. Full of friends and family time, safe outdoor hangs, and just being able to show our smile to a stranger or give someone a hug! We have these monumental, happy moments to look forward to and it makes my eyes watery just thinking about it. Can you imagine how it will feel… how you will feel when that day comes? It’s going to be magical.

February Agenda

I probably sound like a broken record between last month’s note and just the general theme of things I’m sharing these days—but nesting is my way of life lately. Our home is really coming together and falling into place nicely, so I’m running with it. As I said, I feel like time is flying by, so no doubt our due date in June will be here before we know it. I have a pretty good size list of a few more home updates we’d like to cross off, get her room together, take a couple birth/sleeping courses, and start on our garden! My hope is that we wrap most of this up by May so that we can have a month of relaxation, outdoor hangs, and quality time as a couple before she arrives.

We’re hoping the exterior work kicks off this month, still in discussion with our contractor. When we bought our home, we knew that implementing a new drainage system was a top priority. Not a very fun one, I know (causing us to push off our kitchen remodel… we’re hoping sometime in the fall!) but necessary. The nice part is, the concrete surrounding our house on the patio terrace and in the garden courtyard needs to be removed, so we decided to go ahead with the outdoor tile project we had in mind while at it. Shared more details of the garden courtyard vision here and for the back patio terrace, we of course, are going with checks. More to come on this soon.

Other than home stuff, I am ready to immerse myself into work and take advantage of the energy I have right now and excitement towards SS21.

Inspired By


I was thinking about this a lot. In my previous apartments, I have always cultivated a very neutral, calming space. Inside me though, I’ve been wanting to unleash the color. With rentals, I stuck with neutral paints for the purpose of making moving out easier. And as for more colorful accents—I looked to rugs, design books, and textiles to inject pretty hues, but kept everything else quite light and airy.

You just don’t know what your future home will look like, so I held off and played it safe. When moving, it was so fun to get to know our house’s character, lighting situation in all the rooms, views, and play off the vibe of it all. I’ve loved going bold and creating unique ambiances in each of our rooms. Opening the door to color paint has also made me crave fun pattern play. I’ve been eyeing wallpapers for our bathroom, curtain prints for our bedroom, and even fabric lampshades with playful designs.

One other thing I want to make note of. Writing every morning has been so cleansing and rejuvenating. If you have a lot on your mind right now, are feeling stressed, or just needing a way to decompress… I highly recommend trying this out for a week or two! Wake up a little early, pour yourself a cup of coffee, play light jazz in the background, open a fresh notepad and just write.

Doesn’t have to be anything in particular, just start writing. Don’t look back on your words, revise, or think about it too much. I promise, once you get into this flow, you will find that it really helps to clear out some of the clutter going on. It’s a therapeutic ritual that has really lightened my load and starts my day on such a great foot. There are some days where what you write down is hard, no matter what you unload, it is a cathartic experience and good for the soul. xx


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