Editor’s Note, 3.21

Spring incoming! Forever energized by the fresh start a new month brings… but March is a very favorite.

I am one of those people who love their birthday for this reason, too, a fresh new year ahead. It also always feels like the kickoff to al fresco hangs, which is what I live for and is usually packed with friend hang time. Hopefully safe to do this more often soon…

It’s just such a rejuvenating and lovely time of year. A season shift—the one in which I think WE ALL look forward to the most. We crave that warmth on our skin after a cold winter’s hibernation (esp. these days…). Daylight savings is also coming up! And seeing natural beauty come back to life is some kind of magic. I can’t help but revisit this quote every single year because it’s just so true…

Spring breathes new life into the world around us.

There’s so much to look forward to and that in itself is so nice! That said, lots of updates for you today…

March agenda

When it comes to big, exciting countdowns in my life, I become a type A planner (and I am definitely not a type A person). I think it’s twofold. The impatient part of me coming out, trying to find ways to make the countdown seem shorter. I did this with my wedding, I did this with Christmas morning as a kid… it’s a thing! And also I like to feel as mentally clear as possible for big life events so that I can be calm and present. An orderly home and relaxed state of mind does wonders for me!

Waking up to March this morning, the first thing I thought of was how I am viewing this month as we approach our baby girl’s due date in June. Each month going forward has a “theme”. March is organization and celebration, April is education, and May is relaxation. This month—the first half will be focused on getting organized around our home and with my work projects. We have our new exterior drainage system and tiling happening next week for 10 days which will be wrapping up mid month. So my goal is to feel good about the shape of our home and organization by then.

My birthday is the 7th, and Matt usually wraps up busy season that same weekend, but sadly it was pushed back a week. So we plan to do belated celebrations once he’s all done with the crazy work hours, which will be nice because our backyard and courtyard tiles will be in! The last weeks of March will be fun sunshine hangs with my bestie back! We are also starting to ideate a babymoon so may try and sneak in a getaway this month, too.

Inspired by

Gardening. Lots of gardening happening lately, which has been so much fun and inspiring! It’s been beyond therapeutic and rewarding to see this new hobby come to fruition. Nature is one of my biggest inspirations—seeing spring things blooming around our new home and neighborhood has been giving me life.

Nesting. Our home is really taking shape so I am excited to put some posts together with updates and to continue to work on a few rooms this next month.

Vintage. I go through phases where I stalk Etsy and eBay for vintage finds and I’ve been on a very big kick lately. It has become a hobby over the years and something I can get lost in for hours. I love it so much. It is just so enjoyable to sift through shops, uncovering new beautiful things I have never seen before—so many new ideas and inspiration comes from the time spent vintage hunting. And when you discover gems, it’s a bit addicting to keep it up because you feel like you hit the jackpot! So expect to see more vintage hauls from me soon.

Light. This time of year is when the light begins to move. Take notice of how lighting changes in and around your home, it’s magical.

Music. Lastly, I am finally ready to share my Spring ’21 playlist! Although a lot of you find my playlists before I announce them because you are well-versed in my public playlists, I like to wait to share until I feel 100% about it. I slowly add over time and will remove some I don’t feel fit the mood I am trying to encapsulate, and it finally feels like a REAL vibe. I hope you enjoy it!

Words. I loved this quote that I came across on Tumblr…

“I’m so thankful we’re alive to smell flowers and touch saltwater, get chilled in the breeze and take deep breaths, make foods warm with love and dance and laugh and move, wake up and dig our hands in dirt and eat strawberries, draw mindlessly and remember and sing and joke and walk down the same street again and again and make meaning. We are so lucky we get to * be, and feel, and keep going.”

Things of Note lately

Have the best month ahead!
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  1. Omg I so relate to becoming type A for big countdowns! Normally I’m the total opposite!
    So excited to follow your gardening journey! If you haven’t already found it you should watch “Big dreams small spaces”. Monty don is the best and I think you would love it.

  2. always love your editor’s notes! And I love the themes you chose for the months ahead…organization + celebration is my perfect combo haha xx

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