Words of Encouragement for New Mamas
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I wanted to catch up on some pregnancy things quickly, but this post is mainly a celebration of the beautiful words sent in from readers to encourage and uplift new mom’s to be. I did something similar a couple of years back before my wedding (for brides to be!) and found it incredibly helpful. Words have always had a way of completely moving me and shifting my mindset on the spot, so I know I will be coming back to this post in times of need of precious reminders.

A little second trimester update

In my experience, it has been true what they say: second trimester is the honeymoon phase. It has been blissful! So nice going from a really hard first trimester, to being able to really soak up this time and enjoy every second of it.

I shared a few updates early on in the second trimester (will link them here!) and to be honest—there isn’t *a ton* to report since, but I do have a few bits of newness for you. First. It’s crazy how things begin to rapidly change/grow at (I’d say) around 20 weeks. From first noticeable kicks to waking up to a bigger belly every morning… it has been quite the big pivot. I feel her all day now, have experienced Braxton Hicks (practice contractions), can’t see my bikini bottoms while sitting in the sun (😂), and while I am sleeping through most of the night, things are definitely getting more uncomfortable. Experiencing the muscle and ligament aches as well, but nothing I can’t handle after my first trimester…

I am starting to not feel as starving (and less aggressive about cookie consumption haha!) and have been eating healthy, working out, and getting into relax mode around 3pm each day.

All in all, the last couple of months have been really enjoyable. I am hitting 26 weeks in a few days… just 2 more weeks until the third trimester… the home stretch!

Also! One more note. I keep getting requests to share our registry, favorite baby brands and finds, etc… and it’s so funny because I keep thinking to myself… well I am no expert and I still have lots to research! But then I realize we are about 100 days away from her due date and how quickly time has been flying. Planning to share baby updates next week 🙂 Nursery progress, organization stuff I am starting to work on, and our registry! Stay tuned.

A few pregnancy things I am loving lately…

I want to thank everyone again who shared the most thoughtful words of encouragement. There were hundreds sent in and I read every single one. I included top favorites below but mainly streamlined many of the same sentiments—all were so lovely! I know that many will appreciate these pieces of wisdom as much as I do. We all need this kind of support through this season of our life. It can feel so overwhelming with the amount of books, articles, classes, advice, to-do lists, and overall changes that come with the transition to motherhood… so I am very excited to help shed some light on what actually matters during those first few weeks after bringing your baby home.

Wise words for new mamas

You are about to find strength you didn’t know you had and love you didn’t think possible…

Trust your instinct for you and your baby—you already know what is best for the both of you.

Be kind to yourself and enjoy the early days—they are precious and fleeting!

Ask for help with the baby when you need it. It’s okay to take breaks—you are a human.

Trust your gut, ignore others’ opinions, read “you’re a fucking awesome mom“, and ask for help when you need it.

Some things that soothe your baby one day, potentially might not soothe them the next… be patient.

Find a group of moms in the same stage of motherhood as you.

The hard phases and moments won’t last forever… even if it really feels like it.

You were meant to do this. You got this!

Be gentle with yourself. It’s all new… to all of you! It takes time to adjust. But it is magical!

You’re going to go on one of the only bind dates, where you know you will meet the love of your life!

You know exactly what your baby needs, don’t second guess your maternal instincts.

They won’t remember most things the first few years. So keep it simple. Give yourself a break. Love, diapers, and milk is all they really need the first year!

Care for you, your baby, and husband. Eat well, sleep when you can… chores can wait.

Don’t fight the day, just enjoy and let it take its course.

Go to bed early… those few hours of sleep before baby wakes up are golden!

Declare your morning *musts* so that you feel sane: mine were morning shower and iced coffee.

As hard as being a new parent is—it’s a million times more rewarding.

There is no rulebook when it comes to raising babies, so follow your heart and intuition.

You will inevitably have days of high highs and low lows… savor it ALL… it goes by way too fast!

Don’t rush to get back to yourself… be present for the new life that just wants your love!

Postpartum isn’t just recovery after birth… it’s a lifelong journey of learning self-care.

You and your baby are *both* new at this, you are figuring it out together!

Travel with baby! It’s so much easier when they are small and it’s so special!

They are never as small as they are today… savor this time, even the challenging days.

Keep a journal of little moments you don’t want to forget…

First few weeks are like dating and figuring each other out… Be patient and just snuggle! It flies!

Happy mom, happy child… was the best advice from my nurse.

This time in your life flies by so fast… I *would give the world* for a midnight feed with my boys right now…

Always take the photo! Even if you don’t feel cute! You will treasure them (SO MANY of these tips!!)

Everything is so fleeting, ride the wave and enjoy it!

Air & Water… If all else fails, go outside or put them in the bath… instant mood changer.

Advice for dad: keep mama fed and hydrated and take on nighttime diaper changes!

You will look at the world in a whole new way… overwhelming at first, but so so beautiful.


Thank you again very much for this… love them all and definitely cried while typing them out. xx


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