Editor’s Note, 4.22

Coming home after a long weekend away in one of the most beautiful homes we’ve ever seen was such a breath of fresh air! You know it was an ideal retreat when you return to your daily life feeling like new. I have a full tank of inspiration and a creative bug that I’ve really missed. More to come on the JK Ranch experience this week… for now, I’m excited to chat all things April! Especially while you have me in my go-mode.

Rewind a bit (pre-JK blissed out state of mind). The last few months have been a bit challenging for me and I haven’t been in the best headspace. Learning to navigate motherhood / juggling my passions and work has been tough. I am not a super regimented person—I have been lucky to have a job that gives me incredible flexibility, and for a long time now leading up to having Grace—was very loose with my process. I was able to go with the flow of how I was feeling and could meander from one idea or task to the next without any interruption. That has changed immensely as you can imagine!

It’s been a little frustrating that I feel I’m not equipped to utilize my time and process better, especially when I am on this rollercoaster of feeling a bit defeated but then finding my way back/picking up momentum yet not being able to fully run with it. It’s felt like swimming upstream. It’s something I am working on, but it hasn’t been an easy adjustment for me. Anyway! We definitely are in need of child care, at least part-time, now that G is so mobile and just constantly *on the move* and wanting to interact, play, explore! I think we’ve been pushing it off for a couple of reasons, but for our sanity, work, daily life, I think it will be such a massive game changer.

I am feeling better though after a couple escapes, especially this past weekend. In short, Jenni Kayne saved my soul this month.

April intentions and to do’s

My interior itch has re-entered the building! I came home wanting to tackle some things that have been on my list for awhile and sent a message to our contractor within 12 hours of being home, haha! I am ready to go. Still saving up for our kitchen/dining gut job (it’s gonna be an ordeal…), but in the meantime we have some other things to update and upgrade. So lots of home stuff on the brain! This feeling is such a big part of who I am and have always been since I was little. I realized it’s been missing for quite a long stint. Happy to be back!

Outside of all the design outpour about to commence… my intention for April is to ground myself. Keep this good feeling intact by treating myself to things that lift me up. Being active, pilates and walks. Reading. Less screen time. Creating. House projects, Gardening. Writing. Doing things that make me feel good…

Currently inspired by… being in nature, picking up my camera to capture incredible lighting, tonal color stories, bringing people together, and planning more escapes!

Updates for you

I mentioned on stories recently that I am about to launch a new member-based log-in for The Studio. I am so excited!!!! It is going to house all our inspiration, exclusive content, and I am hoping to build out our community forum there, too. This space is truly a dream come true on the internet. Such an inspiring group that I am so proud to have brought together. I am planning to cap it at 2k members so that it remains a bit more intimate. You can find more details here in case you’re interested in joining us!

Lastly, I have been updating my shop pages! In the mood for those delicious light layers to come this season…

Have the best month ahead! x

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