Editor’s Note, 4.23

Morning sunlight, iced Italian espresso, fresh cut grass, time spent in the garden, lighter longer days, linen sheets, Saturday afternoon wine, sunset dinners outdoors, blankets on the grass… it finally feels like spring!

Hi! Oh how I have been longing for a little life catch up! March got the best of me and I missed this circle up last month. My apologies! I have been sorting through a lot of life/work balancing and juggling. I opened up recently about how I have been through *a lot* mentally over the last couple of years… even having reached a bit of an epiphany and clarity, there’s some sweeping up of the dust settling to do. Finally hired someone to help me, which has been something I should have probably done long ago. My blog has always been so personal to me, I think in the past it’s been tough for me to relinquish parts of my day to day because I am so particular. But, with everything on my plate these days and motherhood, it’s just impossible for me to operate at my highest potential without some helping hands.

I actually worked with Taylor (my new assistant) years ago! She sent me a cold email back in 2018 asking if I needed an intern, and she helped me with photos and little creative projects here and there. Absolutely adore her—she was invited to my wedding, has gotten to know some of my family and friends over the years, and I just wholeheartedly trust in and admire her perspective and creativity. She just gets me and has been there through a lot of ups and downs, so it’s quite comforting to feel like I have not just a work colleague to bounce ideas and brainstorm with—but someone who feels like family. Anyway! I am sure you will get to know her over time, but wanted to share the news as it’s a big update in my life as of late.

What else? Well, now that stormageddon (that lasted precisely all day everyday of March) is behind us, I am feeling so ecstatic to spend time in the garden and get things planted for the season ahead. As a big rookie, I feel a little bit nervous! Gardening logistics can feel so daunting. Especially for a Pisces who is a bit more fly by the seat of her pants rather than strategical. But with these kinds of things (hobbies that are based around trial and error and time/patience) you just have to immerse yourself and learn. I felt this way before having Grace. I’d listen to women discuss their routines and dish out tips, and I remember thinking—wow these people have mastered the art of mom-ing!! But right before giving birth I felt this calm take over and I realized—they sound like experts, because when you are thrown into the fire of becoming a parent, you learn quickly! Thinking it could be the same for gardening… we shall see!

This week our permit drawings were submitted for our kitchen/dining as well as an ADU unit. The latter was something we were back and forth on for a bit, but decided that having a separate space for work will make a massive impact. Also, if they can get that set up before kitchen and dining starts end of summer, having somewhere to retreat to will be lovely.

You guys, our backyard transformation is getting more and more absurdly wild. I looked back on videos and it is actually unrecognizable. I need to put a little reels or something together to refresh your memory and update you on the TLC that has been put into our outdoor spaces since we bought in 2020. Since drainage was a big red flag on our disclosure and was a potential threat to the foundation of our house, we jumped right into that project upon moving in. We installed french drains so got to do our pavers / tiling in the garden courtyard and back patio. And it was just a domino effect of one update after the next since we opened that can of worms. It’s kind of nice things happened this way… because once the kitchen is complete, the views from that space will be incredible. I can’t wait!

I just want to say, if you are here, reading this post—thank you. I know how valuable our time is these days and where we focus our energy when consuming content. I’ve noticed such a shift these days with how fast-paced life has been feeling and especially in the world of social media. I know I have noted this in the past, but more than ever, I really want to make my blog the priority. I want to hold on to the peaceful parts of this industry. A little happy escape from our day to day. So, if you are one to enjoy the nostalgic feeling of pulling up a blog post to enjoy a calming read with a coffee—you’re my people! Thanks for being here.

Hope you have a beautiful month ahead! xx

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