Keys to the spring closet of your dreams

Many years ago, I had reached a point where I realized how much I’d rather have a capsule-like closet full of pieces that are beautiful quality—the type of things that I know I will be enthused and feel comfortable wearing on repeat. It’s taken me a little while, but I feel like I fully understand my personal style now and what makes the most sense for my everyday lifestyle. What brands keep me admiring their collections from the sidelines, what fabrics stand the test of time, and most importantly, what makes me feel the most like me?

Very happy to have the chance to team up with Saks this spring to shed some light on my perspective with spring shopping! It is by far my favorite season to shop for. It’s the time that allows my fun side to shine through. I’m a sucker for raffia, crochet, and linen… so this probably has a lot to do with it, too…

My rules to live by when cultivating your perfect spring wardrobe:

Know what brands you love and trust this time of year and look to their latest collections to slowly start bookmarking things that catch your eye. Decide what your fabric preferences are based on climate and comfort. Edit your closet to see what it could use this season. I like to save things to a Pinterest board to come back and visit when I am feeling like I can’t stop thinking about a particular thing. Edit this list, too, when you realize you might not actually love or need something you had saved on a whim. Build your wardrobe around the simple and versatile—making packing for trips a cinch! And then, inject your personality by way of prints and color-ways that speak to you!

Wearing: Toteme sweater
Agolde shorts
Saint Laurent bag

This sweater is the epitome of the my dream spring sweater. That beautiful knitting, shape, soft material, and bright ivory hue. I think you know well by now how much I love this brand and am always inspired by their creations. Always a bit of an investment, but as someone who has collected a few over time, I really cannot say enough good things and how in the long-run it always pays off.

Another staple in my closet — this brand makes *the best* shorts. I swear by them and own them in a few colors…

My very favorite raffia carry-all tote. Fantastic and durable quality and just beyond beautiful. I wear this thing *all the time* while in the and it still looks as good as new… she is a forever keeper. I said this recently, but this isn’t just a material I save for spring and summer. The only time I won’t wear raffia is in the rain. (;

Saks houses some of my very favorite labels and always have such a tightly curated selection of the most timeless and versatile… some favorite finds as of late below!

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