Editor’s Note, 3.20

Couldn’t be happier for March’s arrival!

I have mentioned (*complained) a few times over the last couple of months about Matt’s work schedule. Every year he has a busy season from January through early March and honestly, I think I block it out of my head each year because I am continuously shocked how bad it is. At first, we’re all energized and optimistic, and then 3 weeks in, it majorly sucks and then it only gets worse (and I’m not the one working until midnight lol). By the end, the hours are insane and I barely see him and well, maybe I’m just needy? I miss him and our evenings together… and our Saturdays!

The good news is… he wraps up on Thursday, just in time for my birthday weekend! I get my bestie back, it’s my bday on Saturday, and we are going to treat ourselves… will share all the fun on Stories soon. 🙂 And it’s daylight savings on Sunday… praise, longer lighter days. Okay, so anyways, lucky for you, my rants of missing him are about to be long gone (until next year…). Yay for all of us!

So, you may have noticed the monthly mood name change. I am very pleased to share that I’ve reimagined this post a bit. I wanted to change things up and bring something more unique and fresh to the table. When I was 13 years old, I started collecting magazines and I firmly believe that was the start of this creative path of mine. Looking back, it was my biggest inspiration and what shaped me to see and collect the beauty that moved me. My design style is heavily impacted by magazines and so I thought this would be fitting! Editor’s Note will publish every first of the month and we’ll dive into topics that are inspiring me at the moment, catch you up on plans ahead, current reads and playlists, and kick the month off on a great note.

As you noticed, I’m sure, I started a little Editor’s Note feature at the top of my site last month, which was another motivator to make this more of a *thing. I will continue to update those as well! So let’s chat March.

Inspired by

“Spring breathes new life into the world around us.”

Feel this on so many levels. It’s that time of year we all need some Vitamin D in our lives and warmth on our skin. I am so excited to open our windows again for a fresh breeze. Looking forward to getting back into our family routine each week. Frequent wine country, picnics, exploring our city! I feel so full and energized just knowing that there’s nothing but good times ahead. Winter will release its grip, the flowers will bloom, the sun will shine, and it’s just the best time of year to stop and notice the beauty around us. March, to me, is rejuvenating.

I’ve been on a major home and kitchen kick lately. So inspired to start hosting fun spring soirees, work on our entertaining collection, and I have some fun posts in the works like how I arrange flowers and my favorite kinds, a home textile roundup, and bringing to life the post idea I mentioned on stories… my love of unique shapes in our home.

I am also, of course, going to chat lots about spring style and collecting pretty warm-weather pieces. I’ve been collecting a few things so feel ready to dive into SS20 style!

A few posts from the past to revisit…

The prettiest garnishes for cocktails (revisiting for a girl’s brunch I plan to host!)
My glassware collection, which I just recently updated.
Matt’s grapefruit margarita recipe, my favorite.
& Five Ways to Treat Yourself This Week

March agenda

I have a friend in town from LA this week and we are going to have a ladies’ day in Sausalito on Tuesday. Can’t wait for a day by the water in that cute little town. Matt and I are heading up to wine country this weekend to celebrate! Staying at a hotel I’ve never stayed before but have been to their restaurant and it’s just such a beautiful property. I have a friend’s bridal shower coming up and a fun cocktail date with her and my friend Sophie for more bday celebrating. And another wine country day trip in the works, too. Just give me all the good weather, please.

I’d like to work out of the house more this month. Sit alfresco for lunch and take long walks with Scout. Get back into a routine of trying new recipes (since I’ll have someone to cook for again!). And post a bit more on the blog this month than I did in February…

I hope March treats you well!

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