Interior Talk ― No.4

Interior Talk is a monthly conversation about home style, decorating tips, and creating a space you love to live in…

Hi! It’s been a while since my last Interior Talk post, excited to answer a bevy of questions that came in last week! Especially because I’m really in interior design mode right now. I am feeling closer to filling in a few last things and swapping out some older items for things and hope to get a home tour up this spring.

Have to quickly make a note about our new artwork from Anyon Atelier (featured in the image above!), we couldn’t love it more! I spotted it a few months back while picking up our marble wave bowl and decided that it would be the perfect touch in our kitchen. They have the dreamiest interior things and house some of my other favorite designers (like Louise Roe and Archive New York), everything is so clearly carefully curated. If you live in San Francisco or if you’re visiting at some point, you’ll have to make your way over! Browsing through everything is such a treat. I’ve also sent some readers their way to order my marble bowl and Louise Roe vases, too! They’re the best.

Let’s dive right into this month’s questions.

I would love to know what your tablesetting style looks like… would you mind sharing a few ideas?

I love this! So I am actually planning a couple of entertaining posts this month. Spring is the season where I am most excited to host and go all out with tablescapes and dishes. I also have been revamping our serving ware which I want to highlight in its own separate post as well, but I would love to give you a peek into the kind of things I’m drawn to. Like most things, I look at these things are super special collection items. Unique, timeless, fun.

I would love your take on coffee tables. If you could have anything, what styles would you go for?

I like artful and unique statement pieces like this / thisthis / and this!

Can you share the details of lampshades you have and love?

I buy the Slope shade from Restoration Hardware in white linen, white lining, in size B! I find that size works best with my average size lamps. If your lamp is a little bigger, I would go for C!

What do you splurge on and what do you save on?

For splurges―I would say rugs, couch, coffee table. For saves―textiles and vintage finds in the form of lamps, stools, decor accents. I also think it totally depends. For instance, if I am looking to add a few things to my space and I have a set budget, sometimes I will find a splurge item and will be more thrifty with the other items I’m looking for. If I fall in love with something that I know I will keep forever, I save up and will splurge on it. Other times I come across something soooo good and cheap on ETSY, so it’s just all about balance.

Where are your favorite places to shop for home goods?

I have so many favorites (I’ve listed a bunch of them on my shop directory page under home goods) but some top favorites are McGee & Co., June Home Supply, Jayson Home, Anyon Atelier, Etsy, eBay, One Kings Lane, Wynne Ware, Celestial Object, Hoppe Shoppe, Hudson Grace, CB2, and many more!

What are some of your favorite IKEA products?

To be honest, I don’t think I have anything from them anymore, but I have recently stumbled upon this blog and wish I would have known about it sooner! This cane cabinet hack is amazing!! I browsed their website and found a few favorite things below…

I like this glass cabinet or this one, which could be so cute in a dining room or living room to store serving ware or books/records, etc. You could also get really beautiful furnishings to elevate the look.

When this raffia cabinet launched years ago I *almost got it… by far the best IKEA piece I’ve seen.

This cabinet is also really beautiful!

Really into this full-length mirror. And what, that price point is amazing. I’ve seen this mirror in person and it’s really pretty, too.

IKEA also has really great storage solutions, like this rattan basket!

How do you balance staying on-trend while also having a timeless style?

When I add things to our home it’s because they really speak to me! I gravitate to things that feel timeless and versatile, though. I try and imagine items being restyled/moved around to different rooms, and it helps me stay on track to not buy things I get over, rather, things that continue to excite me!

What are your favorite candles for your living room?

I added a handful to my new My Apartment board on Pinterest under the category “Candles I Love” this week so I will link it here! Those are my top faves.

I notice that I gravitate to boho style pieces but when they all come together, it doesn’t feel like me. I’m trying to find my style, but am not sure how to navigate. What are your thoughts on dialing in on your own personal style?

I was just chatting about this topic with a girlfriend! She was saying how with our generation and so much inspiration and information, it can be hard to know what *your* own personal style is. Trends and styling tips everywhere. My advice is to pin interiors that truly speak to you, pin items that catch your eye and browse design books to see what your eyes gravitate to. Try and narrow down what about these images and items you love and what vibes resonate best with you. I think this is how I have cultivated my personal style over the past 2 decades. It’s just about what makes you happy!

In terms of the boho comment. I get it! Sometimes a certain style can overpower the look of a room if there’s too much of it. I LOVE cane and rattan, but if I had a ton in a room, it wouldn’t feel like me.  A ton of rattan and cane can end up looking super beachy or preppy. It’s all about balance and mixing different styles to ground everything.

In case you missed it, I made this home account on Instagram to collect inspiration for our future dream home.
Cheer til next time! xx


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