Notes on My Favorite Flowers, Arranging Tips, and Favorite Vases

There are quite a lot of weekly rituals that feed my spirit… but flowers may take the cake.

Over the years, my flower pickups, arranging, and looking after them each week has become a hobby of mine and so therapeutic, too! It brings me a lot of joy and makes our apartment feel so much more home-y.

In terms of the kind of arrangements I like to create, I believe that less is more. I usually only use 1-2 flowers max in a vase. I just love the feel of wild and unruly, straight from the garden vibe. I’ll usually grab a handful of my favorites like Scabiosa, Snap Dragons, Tuberose, Ranaculas, Queen Anne’s Lace, David Austin Rose’s, and some greenery like Italian Ruscus or Bay Leaves. I also just got a couple of Camellia branches for the first time and they have been so lovely, too!

I love Le Bouquet, they always have the best selection and Ladan, the owner, is the best. I will bring in photos often of a flower I’m unfamiliar with and she always knows what they are and will grab them for me if she spots them the next time at the flower market. I always tell people it never hurts to ask your local florist any questions you may have or if you have any particular requests!

Also, be sure to check out my IGTV flower arranging video! It gives you an idea of how I go about arranging flowers. Also, I listed a whole bunch of keywords I use in this blog post when searching for unique vases on Etsy! xx

A few of my go-to rituals and tricks

My eyes particularly seek out green and white blooms. Especially when the flower is whimsical, adding loads of character and charm to our home.

I love bundling up Scabiosa by themselves, they’re one of my very favorites and I think they’re so charming as is!

The same goes for Snap Dragons, Orchid branches, and Sweet Peas! I’ll grab a big bunch of one of these in a tall vase for our bar cart. I’m always drawn to blooming buds that crawl up a tall stem!

And as you may know, I love mixing a bunch of greens with some Queen Anne’s Lace for behind our couch. These two last forever, too! I also really like the look of white Lillies and bay leaves together.

When I am adding flowers to a vase, I cut them one by one and at slightly different heights to bring dimension to the table. It really helps achieve that effortless, from-the-garden vibe.

Make sure that when you place your flowers in the vase that there are no leaves touching the water. They have bacteria and can prevent your flowers from flourishing properly.

I trim my flowers (at a 45º angle) every other day, give them fresh water, and weed out anything that isn’t looking as fresh. My makeshift gardening ritual until I have one of my own someday!

When trimming a branch (like the Bay Leaves or Italian Ruscus), I cut a slit upward from the bottom of the branch, as it’ll help them drink more water.

I hope this is helpful! I have been asked to share my thoughts on flowers/how I arrange them, so let me know if you have any other questions!


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