How to Master Effortless

How to achieve an effortless style? It took me a while in my early twenties to figure this one out. All of the outfits I would pin had one common theme, though. They were simple but significant (thanks, Don Draper). They were comfortable, easy, and functional. After years of having a minimal mindset with my closet and what pieces I invest in, I’ve cultivated staples that I love and continue to reach for. These make my effortless outfits possible. Less is more, quality over quantity, you know all the sayings– they’re true! Your favorite pair of jeans, a plain but interesting top, a fun textured pair of shoes and a colorful bag to liven things up a bit. Minimal makeup, classic sunnies, and dainty jewels.

My Tips for Effortless

Mixing textures (in this case–linen, denim, suede, and a woven bag)
Slightly disheveled hair isn’t a bad thing!
One investment piece to elevate (i.e. bag, shoes, jacket, etc.)
Think less is more.
Wear pieces that fit just perfectly.
Only a few quiet accessories.

Matt bought me this bag a couple of years back and it’s still my absolute favorite. We were in San Sebastian and a friend who was traveling with us loved Bimba y Lola so she introduced it to me while we shopped around one day. I love that it’s not a well-known brand (or at least I’ve never seen anyone else with one!), and the bags they design are so unique and special. Sadly mine is long gone from their shop, but there are SO many I love– this, this, this, this and this. I think having a conversation piece bag (that’s not too loud) is one of the best ways to elevate a simple outfit.

As you know, I’m all about linen and this St. Agni top has been worn many times since it arrived a few weeks back. I threw it on this week to run a few errands with my Citizen jeans, which have also become a necessity for my weekly outings. Effortless to me is feeling (and looking) comfortable. Clothes that fit you perfectly so there’s no fuss.


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