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I remember it vividly—sitting in Allyne Park with Matt in 2019. We had just grabbed coffee and sat on a blanket to watch Scout run around with the other dogs. Whenever we found ourselves on picnics (often!), the conversation of having our own lawn someday always came up. We’d both lived in the city for over a decade and began to crave grass and an outdoor space of our own. It’s wild to look back just a few short years ago and remember that feeling—and to see what all has transpired since! What we’ve made for ourselves is not taken for granted, I will tell you that. A longtime dream realized, that is truly appreciated daily.

And now it’s the part I’ve been waiting for. Planting our first kitchen garden! Last year we dabbled a bit with some herbs, tomatoes, and strawberries. But this year, we are taking things up a notch. I’m so excited to tend to our garden to and watch it blossom this season. I’ve always wanted to be able to walk outside my house and gather things to make for dinner. And with our new kitchen next year—I’ll be singing that rap song “I’m on a new level”.

I’m fully and ecstatically embracing the simple life these days. It makes me feel my best. The social media world has been feeling so fast-paced to me and a little bit overwhelming (manic?), so being able to look to these hobbies that keep my soul at ease has been wonderful. Keeping things peaceful on this corner of the internet!

Two things I love and want to continue to evolve and expand in: gardening and cooking. Striving to be incredibly savvy in both departments. In case you’d like to know my 5 year plan. 🙂 Since I went all in this week getting my garden together, I wanted to celebrate by sharing some fun garden things! A little playlist below that I always enjoy while outside puttering around and planting…



A couple of recent videos below that I created to share glimpses into our backyard. We have a few areas that we’ve named, I am planning to capture a few more of these to highlight all: the cocktail garden, the herb garden, the kitchen garden, the walkway, and Grace’s Garden (which is the little herringbone tiled courtyard we have). More to come soon!

I also noted my Garden pin board below, which has lots of dreamy inspiration and products that I love…

Cheers to a bountiful season x

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