Jenni Kayne: Sizing and Style Chat

Hi! Good morning. Popping in quickly as I wanted to touch base on a few questions I receive around Jenni Kayne pieces quite often! Whenever I notice these common inquiries coming in, I always try and put a post together so it’s easy for all to reference. So FYI! Always check here in case it’s already been covered. 🙂

A few sent me notes after posting my Jenni Kayne receipt yesterday and was asking me about why I chose particular sizing for the two separate pieces of this set. First, I am a bit particular with how I like certain things to fit me. Although I am considered a size small/US4… that doesn’t mean it’s what I order every time. I like to gauge the fit of something—usually by the model details and what size they are wearing—and will always read over measurements, too, if I’m still not quite sure.

For the Marina pullover and culotte set (OMG—new favorite ever from them! So comfy and flattering as can be) I went with an XS in the pants and a small in the top. I’ve noticed that for their cashmere joggers and lounge bottoms in general, they are slightly roomier. Since these styles are such lovely cuts, I want them to look a bit more tailored so I can wear them out and about. I also have no bum, so this usually means I can go for a smaller bottom in a lot of cases, too.

The top looked perfectly oversize to me and again, most of her knit styles are made with an oversize fit, so I stuck with my normal and love the size of it. As soon as they arrived I tried on and immediately ordered the ‘oatmeal’ color. I was needing to add one more thing to my Christmas list from Matt, so it worked out perfectly.

For cardigans, I am sure you’ve noticed that I usually size up. *This is not necessary for Jenni Kayne cardigans! I have done this and have had to exchange because these guys are truly oversized and going up a size, on me, looks a little sloppy. Stick with your true size or go down a size if you’re in-between.

One more question that I’m asked often—for those who are investing in a JK piece for the first time, what to choose? I definitely think their signature Cocoon Cardigan in either taupe or ivory, depending on what your closet is in need of! If you’re leaning more towards a lounge item, these culottes are a must. I also just got this fisherman sweater in taupe and love it.


As always, you can use ‘AshleyK15’ at checkout any time! x


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