Lately 1.8.23

One week down! I hope you had a slow-paced ease into reality like I did.

OOO was still on but found myself at my desk a bit ironing out my inbox and dreaming up new ideas for the year ahead! We’ve been hit with a pretty big storm as of late with another week on the forecast it seems, but the sun came out today and gave me the little boost I needed. It’s crazy how much weather can affect your mood and energy isn’t it?

Constant gloom can definitely get you down a bit, but there are always ways you can bring your own sunshine to your world. Flowers always do this for me. A long with setting cozy moods—candles, music, warm dim lighting. Also, there’s no better time to ideate and spend time with a pen and notepad than a rainy day.

Some snaps from this past week… x

Whenever I see Icelandic poppy buds at the market, I always grab them. They give me nostalgic vibes—like the surprise toy in cracker jack boxes. Always so exciting to see each little bud unravel and reveal the most insanely vibrant and cheerful hues. This batch did not disappoint…

Diaries of self care indulgences. Mine include: dry brush, epsom soak, robe/mask/magazine perusing to follow. Insert a cuddly doodle and your soul should be singing after that!

More happy blooms to bring joy—anemones are a very favorite of mine. I also am spending a lot of time vision-boarding this week. Created one for this post, another for my kitchen renovation, and will do a live cut out one this week for my linen cork-board in the office.

The one time the sun came out this week. Bless! Also, how lovely is that light reflection from the sun hitting the nickel reading lamp? I love it.

I’ve been needing more comfy ballet flats. Obsessed with Lolo Ballerina

Living for this book (mentioned here). Okay, so out of all the self-help/mindfulness books I love… this one is so incredibly outlined and digestible. And SO fun to read. I also fully agree with the author that self-worth is the center of manifesting the life you want. Something I am always working on. I shared more of my background here in case you’d like to read!

Have sung the praises of Merry Edwards wine quite a lot since discovering it this winter. Can’t say enough good things, I am such a fan… and happy I can access it at my favorite grocery shop (Diablo Foods, if you are local!)…

On our way to tour a pre-school (which feels wild to say!)… wearing my favorite jacket in gray, bag (this was sold out forever and finally back in stock! I know it’ll sell out again so wanted to give you heads up), and forever go-to sneakers

I’ve been a longtime fan of Santa Maria Novella since discovering them through a friend a long time ago. I’ve been restocking the rose face mist for ages and always love to explore their range. I tried out this lotion recently… I’m obsessed, it’s *the best. New staple! Their almond oil is amazing as well as their bath gels! Okay last thing, their kids gentle cleanser is great, too. Their branding was the one that originally did me in—but the quality and luxury they bring to my beauty routine will keep me along for life.

K, until next time. Have the best week ahead! x

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