Where you can find me all Spring

Lately, when sunshine ensues and I am drawn to our outdoor space, I have been taken back by how far backyard has come. It is really quite wild! I actually looked back on videos from 2020 when we bought and it is unrecognizably different. I started a little reels draft to show the progress soon. As you live in your space you have the opportunity to feel out where thinks look and work best. As time unfolds things can evolve and change… but it is such a good feeling when something falls right right it should.

We ordered this beautiful set from McGee & Co. and I could not possibly love it more. However, I have only experienced it this far bundled up. I have a feeling that it’s going to tug at the heart strings further when I can enjoy sitting out here on warm mornings with my coffee. I know the table is covered in these shots, but trust me, you will get a good look plenty going forward! It is unreal beautiful. The wood color is stunning, I am smitten!

Table | Chairs | Tablecloth

The chairs are so lovely and comfortable. Rattan just adds the most charming touch in my opinion. And this tablecloth is *the most beautiful one I have ever owned. The fabric is such fantastic quality—heavyweight and so so soft. Ready to enjoy!


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