My Approach to Pregnancy Style, Fall through Spring Timeline
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Okay, here we go… at long last I pulled my stuff together to write this post. I mentioned yesterday but I have had ideas in mind to share parts of pregnancy and accumulating things for baby, but kept putting it off as I felt I needed more time to research, etc. But the weeks are flying! We are officially 100 days away from our due date, so it’s time to get all these things out on the table. I also want to note that obviously the current circumstances make my personal experience unique. A lot more staying home, so if you’re reading this in 2022… you might only take a few bits and pieces away from this! I also think time of year for your pregnancy journey makes a huge difference, too.

So, here are my thoughts on pregnancy style through my own journey. It’s rather simple actually… I have realized that my closet is pretty conducive for a bump!

my first trimester style (or lack thereof…)

This style happenings these days were not much to write home about. I was in lounge every. single. day. Also belly didn’t truly pop until about 11 weeks. Not going to lie though, jeans felt very uncomfortable early on. I know a lot of women who can wear their denim for quite some time, but I think because I had a sensitive stomach, I went cold turkey on jeans at the start. In terms of loungewear, I want to share some favorites with you! Even if you’re at home, anything to boost the mood/make you feel good during a potentially tougher trimester is a good idea.

The one maternity piece that I purchased that I swear by (and ordered 2 more pairs recently as they are simply the best and will love wearing them after pregnancy, too) are these Over Under Lounge Pants from Hatch. I went with size 1 (based on their size chart I potentially should have done 0, but I am not messing around with anything that tugs at my belly!) and they are perfect. Definitely roomy, but in the most comfortable way. They are so soft, such good quality, and I just feel great wearing them.

I also relied heavily on Beyond Yoga joggers, Lululemon Align leggings, and Reformation tanks (went up 2x sizes). Treat yourself to a few soft and cozy lounge pieces to give you some comfort, you don’t need much during this timeframe I would say! I included a handful of other pregnant necessities in this post awhile back if interested!

second trimester

This is when I started to get to know my new body better (and feel better!) and when I began cultivating an idea of how I would go about making pregnancy style work for me. I decided that I didn’t want to purchase too many maternity things because I can utilize what I already have and only invest in new things that can work for my body now/last me beyond pregnancy.

Up until recently, lounge was still quite prominent. Without a doubt, my most worn things the last couple of months were these pants teamed with this tank (I got both colors in each!) that have been almost like my pregnancy evening uniform for the majority of the second trimester. They are so comfortable and easy! I went with small bottoms and medium tops and love the fit. The pants are *just now* starting to be a tiny snug (I am 26 weeks) but I still wear the tanks weekly! These will also be something I wear beyond pregnancy (obviously, as they are not maternity). This is something you could treat yourself to in the first trimester and wear for a longer stint!

The end of the second trimester and the third have lots in common in the style department…

third trimester plans

I happen to love me a smock dress and oversized linen things, so felt this could work out in my favor! It’s nice that as my bump has officially popped, the weather is slowly starting to shift and I can rely on those light, more flow-y things to see me through! I will be wearing a lot of closet favorites that work with the bump/fabrics that won’t stretch out… and buying a handful of more affordable things to rotate in the mix like Zara and Mango. Easy tank dresses, etc.! A few go-to styles of note…

—Dresses and skirts for the home stretch. I live in dresses come this time of year, so it has been easier for me to find things that feel comfortable! I live for all things ribbed, smocked, and breezy… a few examples of bump-friendly styles to wear…

—Pants and shorts with elastic waists. Think linen and gauze pants that you’d wear on an Italian vacation. Love teaming these with a simple fitted tank and sandals or over a swimsuit on warmer days in the garden.

—Matching sets. This is a big SS21 trend that I can get behind. I am seeing matching separates everywhere! Especially those in the form of knit / linen pieces are perfect. I talked about this more here!

—Linen jumpsuits and dungarees. These are a couple of ideas that I don’t have, but am curious to try (from somewhere like Mango or H&M) for easy warm day wear. Plus I happen to think a bump in a jumpsuit is the cutest thing! Starting to keep an eye out for a good one… will report back!

—Resort-wear. I foresee a lot of this in the backyard for the last couple months of my pregnancy! Swimsuits teamed with oversized linen button-ups or cover-ups. My plan is a lot of relaxing in the sunshine before baby girl arrives, so I might need to invest in one or two maternity (or larger size) suits to get me through.

—Jackets. I can also utilize my beloved jacket collection. Such an easy way to feel like me… teaming a great denim or leather jacket over a simple knit dress with sandals! This is a great angle if you’re looking to treat yourself to something nice this season… personally, jackets make my wardrobe go ’round!

One last thing to note! Since it will be getting warmer in the near future, I am going to add a cozy pair of lounge shorts in the mix, too. Thinking about getting these! But that’s about it! trying to keep things as simple over here as I can… xx

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