My Week in Pictures 11.8.21

Matt and I are feeling like new this week and well-rested! They say—as soon as your baby starts sleeping in their room, everyone sleeps better. It’s true. I can’t believe how quickly she adjusted. It has been a game changer (and necessary because it’s a very busy work week for us both).

Just wanted to pop in quickly and say hello and unload a few snaps from my camera roll this past week. Hope you have a good one! x

Friday early evening hang in the garden with G before her pediatrician check-up (and shots!). I was shocked… she didn’t cry for the first one and only cried for 15 seconds for the second one. Such a brave little toaster!

Had a sunny, lovely Saturday (and some Chablis in my favorite vintage tumblers)!

The lighting lately around our home is giving me deja vu of when we moved here last year! So funny how even lighting can be nostalgic…

I shot some photos for a mini home tour next month. I just won’t ever get over our nightstands and this corner of our room. Such a vibe.

It’s officially cold here and I’ve loved whipping out my boots! Love these Fredas! Wearing them with my Lisa Yang cardigan and Agolde jeans. By the way, I have been saving pieces I love here in case you’re ever trying to track something down.

Love the quotes that come with your MyTheresa order. Took a quick snap of this one.

This scent is just so heavenly! I got one for a girlfriend and brought it over for a wine hang recently. She lit it and then we went and sat outside for a bit and when we walked back in she was like—I’m going to need to order more of this! It really is so captivatingly delicious.

Scenes from the coziest Sunday night after a morning full of cleaning and organizing our garage and garden—catching up on The Voice with candles, wine, and takeout. I say this all the time but I live for days that are equal parts productive and then ultra relaxing. You feel accomplished and content for the week ahead.

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