Breakfast has been a favorite meal of the day lately—I have the most energy and creative juices flowing when I wake up, so I am savoring this time to treat myself. Loving a hot latte paired with yogurt granola bowls. This one is so delicious.. greek yogurt, hemp seed hearts, goji berries, strawberry granola from Whole Foods, blood oranges with a drizzle of honey.

When I was researching planting a few things, I noticed that the last frost date in our zone is Feb 15th. Immediately following that week, we started to notice that natural beauty began blooming all over our neighborhood! Just like clockwork. It has been so magical to see, so I can’t imagine how things will start to look in a month or so…

I still really can’t get over the fact that we have a Camellia tree in our front yard. We had *no* idea upon moving in — the little flower bulbs were either not there or not visible because it went completely over our heads—in fact we bought a little one from a nursery because it was something I have looked forward to having in a yard for so long! A couple of weeks back Matt came and grabbed me from the office with a shocked look on his face and led me over to our window where you could see the first bloom, hidden at the very bottom of the tree. It was the most ridiculously happy surprise!

One of my biggest inspirations in life is light! As simple as it sounds—it truly plays a massive role in my work, photography, and my mood. I am one of those people who gets S.A.D. every winter, and my clear excitement for being out in the sun and the slow shift to spring probably makes even more sense now, haha.

I am endlessly moved by the way the light leaks and dances off of objects. One of my most favorite things in the world (especially when you move into a new home and are discovering things for the first time) is noticing how the light changes in your space with each season. It is so cool to witness! I am living for this lately… and spring light is always the best (daylight savings coming right up). My camera roll is always full of these kinds of shots… when light stops me dead in my tracks…

Lastly, I found out that I passed my glucose test at my 25 week appointment… so cookies were in order… xx