A New Piece in Our Home We’ll Treasure Forever

A month or so ago, when the light began to change throughout our house with the shift to spring, I noticed how magical this little passageway lit up come morning and around sunset. I always gravitate to pieces, both big and little, that work beautifully with light, and so when I discovered this gorgeous console from Anyon Atelier, I knew it was the perfect accent to live here. I could not love it more! The scalloped touch… I just can’t. Anyon has become my go-to to discover and collect the most special and unique treasures for our house… their tightly curated selection is simply the best.

I’ve had a thing for acrylic for a long time now (remember the waterfall console I had in two apartments ago?) — especially when it comes to tables. Since they are transparent, they give off such a light and airy vibe while serving as a place to collect other favorite treasures. I love these kinds of things that are so versatile—I know I will be re-styling endlessly! Acrylic is such an amazing accent for smaller space living for these reasons, too.

After falling in love at first sight, I realized the table is by Made Goods and wasn’t surprised in the slightest… they just do such an incredible job. Their craftsmanship, attention to detail, and quality have made me such a fan. In fact, most of the items I’ve collected from Anyon Atelier come from Made Goods! The wavy marble bowl, our coconut beaded art piece—to name a couple! Our burl nightstands are actually from Made Goods as well!

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They have the cutest new spring arrivals, by the way, will link here!

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  1. It looks like this could replace your bar cart? Or are you repurposing that somewhere else?

    1. Exactly! I had the bar cart here and so when I came across this piece, knew it would be even better… as it’s taller / more narrow and suits this passageway a lot better. We sold our bart cart!

      Happy weekend, lady! x

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