Something Shiny From Tiffany’s

When I was a freshman in high school, I opened my very first piece of jewelry on Christmas morning. Do you remember the classic ‘Return to Tiffany’ tag bracelet? I remember that moment vividly when unwrapping it and how much it meant to me. My parents had my initial engraved, a memory I will always treasure.

Since then, I have always been fond of their company, quality, and the good that they do, too! There’s a reason why Tiffany & Co. has become such a beloved icon. Their prestigious brand is elegant and timeless and I will always admire them and look forward to collecting their pieces throughout my life.

A few years back I added another piece to my jewelry box, this ring from their ‘Hardware Collection’. I’m such a big fan of that collection as well as the ‘Tiffany T’ Collection… so many beautiful things! I recently got this ring and this ring (told you I’m on a big ring kick lately), which are so good for stacking!

See my favorites from Tiffany & Co. here!


Photo by Tawni Bannister

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