Subtle Ruffles

When the weather is as beautiful as it has been, I crave a seat by the water. There’s nothing more holiday-esk than soaking in a summer day with a view of sparkly blue and bobbing boats. This weekend, my girlfriends and I drove over to Sausalito for lunch to enjoy the warm afternoon. It’s so enjoyable to feel like you’re on vacation in your own city! We stopped in at one of my favorites, Bar Bocce, for a snack and then we headed down the road to Fish (my first time), which I’m such a fan of now. Rosé in mini mason jars, salty fries, and the freshest poke are a few reasons I will be coming back for more.

A summery setting calls for a festive outfit, and ruffles have been winning me over. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my stories about my shopping trip I made a couple of weeks ago to Ann Taylor and a few other spots. Ruffles somehow have begun to reign supreme in my summer wardrobe, I have a whole new love for the style. They are everywhere now; decorating necklines, skirts, blouses and even jackets. They don’t have to be as frou-frou as you may think, but a subtly chic statement. If you prefer to streamline a silhouette, take note: a perfect ruffle piece can do the job of statement jewelry, a good handbag or shoes. I’m not one for something overly girly, but there’s something special about a slight feminine detail. I loved slipping this pretty top on with white frayed denim and a simple sandal and heading out the door. Whether you opt for a bold ruffle top worn with vintage jeans or a frilled off-the-shoulder dress, there’s a ruffled look for everyone…it’s just about balance.

I love the way this silhouette comes to life with movement and breezes. It’s just so feminine and fun! If the top is a little more billowy at the bottom, I like to tuck it in a little to keep my outfit polished. I went for white on white for lunch, but I also loved pairing this top with high waisted vintage denim. Or even a floral high-waisted midi skirt!

There are more ruffles to fall in love with here, and a few more favorite pieces I love below…



Thank you to Ann Taylor for collaborating on this post.



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  1. Awww Love Fish!!!! Their food is amazing!! But I kinda wish the clam chowder was a little richer. The last time the hubby and I were there it was so watery! BUT still amazing food!!! Love your pics;)

    1. It was my first time, I can’t believe I had never heard of it before! Such a gem! I’m not a chowder person, myself, but those fries and the poke were AMAZING. Love finding new local spots, especially when it’s outside seating for summer. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Morgan!

      So, I always wear nude lace (with no padding) bras, and you could barely see through the top part. Tucking in is key for bottom too, so you don’t see the top of the jeans through the shirt.

      If not, a cute silk nude cami would work!

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