The color of my aura

When I was pregnant back in 2020, I shared an olive colored quilted jacket that I found and was drawn to. I don’t think I had ever owned a sage-toned clothing item before. And coincidentally enough, around the same time after moving into our home, Matt insisted on a creamy olive tone for our office. Since then, the beautiful shade has become part of my style in massive ways—with both my home and closet. The color grounds me but also lifts me up. It is such a calming, happy hue. We have variations of it on the shutters of our home, our mud room, Grace’s room, and it’s going to be one small accent in our future kitchen, too. I call our home—the greenhouse because of it.

I shared a photo of my office this morning and a dozen notes came in asking about my bag sitting happy on my desk so wanted to share it in closer detail here! When I saw it, my eyes lit up and I knew it would be something I treasure and wear for the longhaul. It’s such a beautiful work of art. I’ve been meaning to do a blog post on my favorite bags and notes on each, so will be sure to bring that one to life soon since I am asked often for feedback on what’s worth the investment.

Chat soon!

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