My Week in Pictures 7.26.19

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I hope you had a fun weekend! We went to see The Head and the Heart on Friday and it was a blast! We were lucky enough to hang after the show and met some of the band members, which was so fun. Matt and I have shared a love for them over the years and played many songs of theirs at our wedding, so it was fun seeing them live for the first time! Their new album ‘Living Mirage’ is incredible, they just keep getting better. Highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t yet!

Saturday the sunshine came beating into our room early, waking us up with a touch of a hangover. Honestly, why can’t concert venues serve nice wine? But we were inspired to push through, freshen up, and enjoy the day ahead. We made our old favorite breakfast (that I usually try and avoid haha), fried egg on a bagel with cream cheese and pepper plant hot sauce. You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes! Soaked up some sun and then grabbed lunch al fresco later in the afternoon.

We were at Belga recently and started talking to this old couple who were super passionate about Italy (and pretending they are European…). They sat in their bistro chairs dressed in linen and straw hats, sipping on Italian Arneis. I had never even noticed it on the menu before but they kindly bought us a glass and it was SO delicious. We were talking about Italy honeymoon so they were all fired up and jumped at the chance to share stories from their annual travels to Amalfi Coast and recommendations. I must say, they definitely have great taste… I am 100p going to be ordering that while on our honeymoon. Matt and I revisited the Arneis this weekend, because, hair of the dog, and watched the world go by for a bit. Next time you’re there, try it! That night we hung at home and caught up on some Netflix.

Sunday we had a productive morning, workouts and tidied up. We decided to soak up some more of the beautiful weekend sunshine and went to Off the Grid in the Presidio. Equipped with our new tent, that proved to be a successful purchase! Officially those people with a dog sitting in a tent at your local park. We made our favorite healthy dinner (coconut amino marinated salmon, roasted asparagus, and avocado with ‘everything but the bagel’ seasoning and Italian dressing) and started Love Island (pure gold).

When the weather is as pretty as it was, this is just the kind of weekend I love most (minus being hung)! Savoring these days, and honestly–– the closest thing to summer that I’ve ever experienced since moving to the city nearly 10 years ago. There have been so many nice days! We’re about to roll into our Indian summer, too, so hopefully more of these days to come.

Have the best week, friend! x

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