My Week in Pictures 7.10.20

Hi! How are we?

I’ve had such a productive Monday and am feeling a lot better than I have as of late. It’s amazing how a feel-good weekend and routines/rituals can really change the course/perspective/mood. Last week was a bit rough for us, personally I have been hitting a wall with the feeling of—day in, day out—not quite a motivating and inspiring mindset. But we decided to turn things around this weekend and we did just that. I want to do a whole post on this topic and share our game plan going forward, so stay tuned.

On Friday, we had a nice mellow evening. Happy hour while we closed our laptops and tidied up. Pizza a little later, and we started The Politician which so good! Loving the wit and Wes Anderson vibes…

Saturday mornings have been so lovely. We wake up, make coffee and enjoy it in bed with Scout… slowly ease into our day. We drove up to Etude Winery for the afternoon and it was such a treat. I have been a fan of Etude pinot for a long time now, I can’t believe I hadn’t been to the property sooner. So charming and beautiful and a quick drive from the city (and close to so many other favorites in the Carneros area!). Everything felt so safe and seamless with C19 measures in place, too.

We found out they have live music every Saturday this month, highly recommend visiting and getting an umbrella seat on the grass! Live music always makes me happy, but given the current circumstances of life, it felt extra special. I will be making my way back soon…

Once we got back to the city, we had a cozy night on our couch with TV shows and got an early night’s sleep.

Sunday morning looked a lot like Saturday, except I read a bit (reading Light is the New Black and A New Earth again). These kinds of books on spiritual enlightenment are forever favorites… they always help me recenter and find inspiration and hope. Super necessary lately!

We didn’t have solid plans that afternoon but since it was so nice, I had an urge to be barefoot on grass, so we packed a picnic and drove over to the park. We picked up our favorite California club from Blue Fog Market, and played backgammon and listened to music in the sun for a few hours. A very relaxing way to ease into the hell that came next… taxes… lol. So happy that is behind us.

Afterward, we watched the Apple TV show Dear and OMG… it’s a must! New favorite! I cannot wait to watch it tonight… what a beautiful series. I am very certain this show is going to continue to do big things and be around for a long time. We watched the Oprah and Spike Lee episodes and walked away in the best mood. Feel-good, inspiring, and important. Highly recommend!

A few things that have me feeling great today. Early bedtime and catching up on sleep has been working wonders! I woke up a little bit earlier than usual for coffee/book in bed, a cardio/mat pilates workout, 15 minutes meditation, Epsom bath soak, and got dressed (I am so over sweats, anyone else? all linen everything), and lit a candle while I got to work. Healthy, self-care rituals make such a massive impact…

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! x

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  1. Your weekend moment posts are always some of my favorite posts of yours to read. They always leave me feeling cheerful and lighthearted. You just have this effortless style that I enjoy so much. Hope you’re having a great week so far.

    1. Thanks, lady! Such nice feedback! I will be sure to keep it up this time. 🙂 haha x

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