Editor’s Note, 1.22

The way we design our lives is entirely up to us.

A sentiment that always evokes immense amounts of inspiration and motivation into any given moment. We have the opportunity every day to uncover the best versions of ourselves. Right this second, the choice is ours.

I live for a fresh start—a big blank canvas with so much potential and opportunity. It’s why this time every year, I am bursting at the seams with fresh ideas, goals, and am just *ready to go!

I mentioned in this post how I’ve been on a self-care journey—it’s a priority this year to put self-love and respect at the very forefront. Knowing that the way I treat myself impacts those around me, my work, my life. Pregnancy and postpartum were hard (as expected!)—and obviously very consuming this past year. Your mind and body go through A LOT to say the least, I am still working towards finding my equilibrium. I’m six months into being a mom and am finally feeling like my body is my own again and feeling stronger day by day. After a long holiday season, I am thrilled to dive back into all things wellness, nurturing my mind and body, and to reconnect with myself and work.

To me, self-care is: prioritizing sleep, ,making healthy choices, getting outside, quality time with my family, listening to music, taking quiet moments of solo time, writing or meditating, making something with my hands, gardening, laughing, reading, playing, dancing, taking pictures, cooking. Spending time on things that uplift! That push me in new ways, helps me to grow, stimulate and inspire, teaches me something, makes me feel good. It’s what my ’22 is all about.

January Agenda

Today I challenged myself to do pilates every day until my birthday (March 7) even if for just 15 minutes on days where time slips through the cracks. I’ve never really enjoyed at-home workouts to be honest, but the last couple of years it has been very necessary. I’ve gotten better at it, but I’m hoping I feel comfortable by the spring to venture into a class again. I miss reformer machines! But in the meantime, I love MWH. Also, very much looking forward to long walks with Grace once this rain parade wraps up. Moving my body (a lot) is on the agenda.

This winter, a couple of friends and I started doing dinners every month and it’s been so lovely. Something I really look forward to these days! I’m sure you know this by now if you’ve followed for a long time, but pre-baby, suburb-move, pregnancy, pandemic (mouthful)… I had ladies nights like 3x a week. They were such a massive part of my life so I am getting back to them as much as I can. Just making fun plans in general—so important.

A couple of other to-dos of mine in January: watch a few old movies on my list. Develop old film rolls that I have been putting off for months (finally ready to revisit memories from the hospital when I had Grace). Organize our home and do a big digital cleanse as well. The usual!

Also planning to listen to favorite podcasts (just listened to this one of two favorites chatting, highly recommend it!!) and read a lot this month (and year!) as well.

Inspired by

I am in full interior design mode as of late. I am launching the first issue of my e-magazine for studio members later this month and so my wheels have been non-stop spinning with ideas and excitement to put time into that. For me personally, I need to change things up, refresh, adjust, shift my process and approach to keep things interesting! I also love coming up with completely new series, verticals, projects to bring to life. Change and newness have always been so inspiring to me.

As of this winter, we have officially lived in our home for a year and it’s really shaping up over here. The projects I have on my list, too, will only continue to make it feel more and more special. One thing I have thought about a lot that is so wonderful about home ownership, is that the opportunities are endless. I got crafty while renting for most of my life, so being able to truly do whatever is a lot of fun. Overwhelming at first, but time has given me a more vivid picture of what I want to do with each and every nook and cranny.

Our backyard is coming along and will be so fun to piece together bit by bit this spring. And we are in the infancy of discussing/planning our kitchen and dining room remodel… cannot wait!

Blog updates

I added “Shop my IG” to my menu under shop. This is where all my saved LTK posts will lived, which I am trying to get better at saving those each time. I know so many of you use that app, so will be sure to keep at it so that it’s super easy to find things that I have referenced on social media. If you’re an avid user of their app, here is my profile in case it’s even easier to simply follow over there!

One more important note. Social media does make things so quick and easy to post and share something but this weekend I was reminded *again* why my blog is and always will be (always has been) my priority. I was with friends and was looking back through my story archives to try and find a snippet from when we went to a concert and they were gone. Instagram apparently stops saving stories at a certain point when you’ve reached a number of them. I have said this before, but social is so fleeting these days. Less meaningful and special (IMO) and that aspect / how it’s not my own and if it goes down one day, everything could be lost. This year, my aim is to share 95% of everything on my blog. So! In case you’re ever looking for something, be sure to check here! I will be posting much more each week (even just for a photo and few links of outfit details, etc.).

Okay, that is all for now! Hope you had a restful time off and are feeling excited to get back to it like I am! Wishing you all the best to come this year xx


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