Transition to Motherhood: Creating Little Luxuries at Home

I mentioned in this post how I am not a type A person, but when it comes to big life events — particularly the biggest change about to happen in my life! — I become a type A planner. For me, it’s mainly about preparing myself mentally as best I can. One thing that I’ve thought about a lot during my pregnancy, is how waiting to meet our little one for nine (plus) months has been nice as I’ve had the time to hop over mental hurdles, wrap my head around certain things, educate myself, and ultimately prep for what’s to come!

I feel like from the moment we found out, there have been worries—one at a time—that have popped up. But I’ve been able to think through each one and get to a place of acceptance and feel more confident about where I stand and taking on the role as a new mom. A few of those phases have been around labor (a lifelong fear that I’m not afraid of anymore… she’s gotta come out, and as long as I get her here safely, I’m good), sleep deprivation, getting her and our family into a good rhythm. Lots to learn and no way to fully prepare, but it’s been nice to have the time to think through things!

My latest though is postpartum recovery and feeling like myself. I decided to make a list of things I want to do/buy for my healing journey and brainstorm ways to inject little luxuries around our home for daily life. I thought I would share some of mine, and also a list I collected from this community of things and rituals that made new moms feel comforted and like themselves in those first few weeks back from the hospital.

My plan…

New PJ set for the hospital that I am saving for that day — I got this stripe set (in olive and white) from Nordstrom.

Stocked on some Frida mom recovery things and nipple cooling gels (that came highly recommended) — and I plan to make little caddy stations in our bathrooms to stay organized and have everything I need to be as comfortable as I can. This probably isn’t really under the little luxury category, more on the necessity list, but will probably be very thankful to have them around when the time comes! I also got this little fan for my nightstand.

Stocking up on cute nursing bras (I love Juem and Storq), briefs, and summer loungewear. I want to be excited about the things I put on—I am sure I won’t be feeling like myself… but I know that this will help!

I ordered 2x packs of my favorite Hanes socks. Something about a fresh pack make me weirdly happy, so they are stored away and ready to go.

Teaching Matt how to make my latte so that he can handle coffee and breakfast in the mornings!

Harmless Harvest is my very favorite coconut water, so we are going to have a bunch in the fridge.

Our pantry will be stocked with favorites as well—Blueberry Blaze trail mix from WF, cheese plate fix-ins, nuts, fruits, coconut popsicles…

I am prepping baby gear caddies for each room to make it easier on us.

Treating myself to a few nice candles to have around the house…

And of course, getting our house organized and as clutter-free as possible!

Reader Notes…

Cook meals you love and freeze them. You’ll be SO grateful you did this!

Epsom salt baths… life saver.

Treat yourself to a really nice soft robe if you don’t already have one.

Hire a cleaning crew!

Get yourself a fabulous body wash / shower products / lotion… Shower time becomes “me time”. Also bring these products to the hospital with you!

Get a nice face mask. You can mask and pump since it takes approximately the same time.

I set up little water stations around the house in the nursery, living room, main bedroom with a tray / glasses / decanters with water and fresh herbs (if you want to add something extra!) to remind myself to hydrate.

Stock a basket of favorite snacks near your nursing chair.

Batch cook the oatmeal recipe from The First Forty Days cookbook. Amazing book, by the way.

Stock up on a lactation bars and cookies!

My mom gifted a flower delivery for the first few months, which was such a treat!

Consider letting your significant other give baby the night bottle and bath so that you can take a bath.

Treat yourself to new pretty hair clips and hair ties.

Get a new book or two you’re excited to dive into and read while nursing.

Put yourself together in the morning, even if just a sweep of mascara and a cotton dress, it sets the tone of your day!

Buy a nice hair mask/treatment and get ahead of PP hair loss.

Get a facial or do lots of DIY spa days leading up to labor so that your skin feels amazing once baby is here…

Pick up fancy tea to have on hand!

Pillows! Necessary at all times for you and baby. Make sure you have cozy stations all around your home.

Get outside for walks! Fresh air refills your cup.

Get a grocery cart ready on Instacart close to your due date so once you know you’re heading home you can make that order.

Fresh clean sheets, stocked fridge and pantry, mani/pedi (if you can find someone to come and do this outdoors!) done pre-baby.

Rose facial mist on my nightstand helped to wake me up and keep me feeling fresh for night feeds.

Treat yourself to new plush slippers.

Stock up on pretty paper plates and napkins… I regret time spent on dishes those first few weeks!

Plan/budget for takeout a few times a week!

Essential oils were key—one to two drops of eucalyptus in the shower made it feel like an instant-spa!

My husband made me a fancy cheese plate every afternoon. You get so hungry when breastfeeding!

 A favorite lotion for a hand or foot massage feel like such a luxury when you’re tired.

Take a face mask to the hospital, you will be up all night and this feels like a little luxury.

Rose Otto oil  is amazing (and proven) to soothe those pesky post birth hormones.

My husband has been doing the bottle cleaning and diapers after I feed and it’s been bliss!

Mint and fruit to infuse in water!

To go along with cleaning—have all windows clean to let all that natural light in!

For night sweats, buy lavender wipes… so refreshing for your face in the middle of the night and night feedings.

For summer smoothes, prep fruit ahead of time in ziplock baggies in the freezer so you can pop in the blender and go!

Get yourself a nice new water bottle!

Create a happy sanctuary in your bathroom… get your favorite products ready to go, tidy up, it’s your own little rejuvenating escape in those early weeks.


Loved these, thanks so much for sending them in. We’ve got this!


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