My Week in Pictures 4.17.20

This weekend was a good one! The sun has always had a way of lifting my spirits instantly. After a gloomy week, it felt amazing to open our windows, sit on our roof, and enjoy brief stints at the park so Scouty can feed his fetch addiction and we can get our daily dose of Vitamin D. I was telling Matt recently how we don’t really get to walk barefoot on grass very often and how I miss it! So therapeutic. Ah, and the smell of fresh-cut grass is one of my very favorite things.

The past month of quarantine has given me an even deeper appreciation for these kinds of small moments. Focusing on and celebrating the things we do have rather than the things we don’t. Human connection, Mother Nature, the little details in daily life that make us smile.

Time spent inside has also forced me to get creative with my work. I’ve always been pretty inventive when it comes to working with what I’ve got, and lately, I’ve found myself in crafty mode. I’m seeing my apartment through a different lens, I’ve been inspired to get creative with my video content and experimenting as I go, and the wheels continue to turn on how I can push myself creatively to keep my mind moving and inspiration alive. Although it feels like life has pressed the pause button in a sense, I am focusing on personal steps forward.


On Friday I shared a peek into our pizza wine Fridays on IGTV… making these videos each week has been making me really happy! I used to make videos all the time in iMovie when I was younger so this has felt really nostalgic to play around with. We always order from one of our faves: Delfina, ZA, Gioia, Delarosa or Del Popolo! I will never tire of this ritual, I look forward to it each week and it’s given us such a sense of normalcy and happiness lately. We caught up on the latest Little Fires Everywhere (so so good), if you have any new show recs, please let me know, we are running dry on Netflix binges!


Matt and I slept in on Saturday, made coffee, and then I fell into a very large inspiration rabbit hole which felt so good! We took Scout to the park and sat on a blanket in the sun. I made a big snack board when we got home and watched the season finale of Love Island Australia (um what now… we have covered all Love Island at this stage, lol). Our new mirror arrived and I just love how it turned out in our hallway, It’s exactly what that wall was missing! We have a few more things coming and once they do, I’ll be sharing a big in-depth home tour on BoC–sooner than I anticipated! After hanging the mirror and cleaning things up a bit, I was inspired to share a PM home tour (always have thought these need to be a thing)… I think I may like the vibe of our space better at night, especially with the new light fixtures! Love a moody ambiance. And then we watched One World: Together at Home (tears… so many of them) with vino and Brazen Head takeout. It was such a fun, relaxing day.


Sunday we spent the day lazing at home, took a few sunshine breaks, ran to the market, whipped out our ‘Champagne Problems’ puzzle (I don’t remember the last time I did a puzzle, and I certainly do not remember it being this hard!), made a healthy salmon dinner, watched Homeland (so good) and got an early night sleep. My kind of quarantine weekend!

By the way, I hope you enjoy the way I’ve reimagined my Weekend Moments posts! This is a series I have been doing since I started my blog in 2012, but have been wanting to rework it a bit. It’s always been about highlighting the noteworthy moments of our weekend, but it has also served as a way to share a glimpse into my personal life, too. Excited to share more of these little video snippets with you each week, I feel like they really bring to life the mood and invite you into our world.

Here are a few moments from our weekend that made me happy…

Hope you had a good one!

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  1. Hi love! Can I please ask where your bike shorts are from and also what size in the bing sweatshirt you’re wearing? xx Looks like a lovely weekend indeed!

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