Weekend Moments 12.19.16

A Monday after a well-spent weekend is usually not so bad! A two week long trip, well that’s another story, but anyway! As you know from my many photos (much more to come this week! This one was a favorite…), we spent the evening at Meadowood in Napa on Friday and had the best time. It’s one of the most beautiful properties we’ve ever stayed. The little tree lined cottage was chic and cozy and made for the ultimate getaway to share some wine and alone time. Travel Notes on our stay will be coming tomorrow!

To say the least, it was incredibly inspiring to be surrounded by so much beauty up in wine country. I swear, if you’re ever needing a refresh, plan a one night/weekend getaway to your favorite local escape. As soon as we hopped in the car I felt this rush of relaxation. Once we pulled up to our room and sat by the fire with a glass of wine– I felt completely rejuvenated, and our time up there had only just begun. If you’re like me and love taking photos, this also does wonder for brushing up, and feeling that excitement of picking up your camera.

We had a fantastic meal at Farmstead, and in the morning we soaked up every minute of their stunning spa (I never get massages, so this was a major treat), and decided to stop by Peju after for a glass of wine and bring a couple bottles home (it’s Matt’s favorite/we decided we didn’t want to sit down for a formal tasting at Duckhorn since we were missing Scouty, albeit that beautiful porch always calls my name when I’m close by… must come back soon, I guess!).

In other news. I don’t usually share posts on the weekend, but December’s packed schedule made a good excuse to try something new! In case you missed it, I’m hosting a giveaway that runs until Tuesday, so don’t forget to quickly sign up here (and read the full post– a new Local List featuring Christina Bryant, founder of St. Frank Textiles). Winner will receive a gorgeous framed mud cloth textile (I am so in love with mine) and will be selected on Wednesday morning. 🙂

I’m so excited to wrap up the holidays this week! We head out to visit family on Friday for the weekend and then come back for a few days before heading off to a cozy Tahoe NYE retreat! I hope you have a wonderful Monday– here’s my holiday playlist if you’d like some background music while you work today. 🙂 Talk soon, friends! x



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