A Love Note

A beautiful thought from a podcast I saved recently…

“Human beings have three fundamental emotional needs… we need to feel seen, we need to feel heard, and we need to feel celebrated for the unique person that we are. Love is an action.”

1.28.14 was the night Matt and I had our first date. It went well by the way! So within a couple of weeks, it was the classic… Valentine’s Day is here and we just met but… let’s hang out! That night was when I knew (or hoped, I should say!) that Matt would stick around for awhile.

He picked me up from my apartment with a bouquet in hand—”I noticed you liked white flowers from your photos, so I hope you love these!”. We spent the evening cooking dinner and sipping wine by the fire. He had my favorite band, Local Natives, playing in the background and a big craving of mine at the time, scallops, sizzling in a pan.

My memory has not always served me, especially when we are talking about a time period that was a little shy of a decade ago, but I remember that night so vividly and how special he made me feel. I know it was early on, but for the first time in my life… I felt seen, I felt heard, I felt special, I felt the love! From that moment on, love was not just a tossed-around-word to me anymore, but an action. He’s taught me a lot of things since we met, but this one has been the most powerful.

Valentine’s Day, a historically annoying holiday in my eyes, has become a reminder of this. A reminder that actions speak louder than words. So whatever your plans are this VDAY, go into with that in mind. Whether it be spent with a significant other, a friend, or yourself—I think we should look at Valentine’s Day as a way to connect with ourselves and other humans and showcase true love. xo

This beautiful dress is by one of my favorite designers, Johanna Ortiz via Net-A-Porter.

This time of year, I so look forward to sartorial romance. I thought I would round some love-ly pieces in the name of VDAY—and spring!!!


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