Jenni Kayne Favorite, August

I often receive notes from readers about selecting their first Jenni Kayne piece—I’m always asked, where to begin and what are the really noteworthy pieces? It got me thinking that I could choose and share 1 favorite every month and why!

This month was a very easy choice for me. I am obsessed with this knit — think I’m going to get it in the cream color as well! It is just such a beautiful and special sweater. The fabric is gorgeous and so soft, but what I really love is the thick ribbed collar/arm/hem lines. It’s a perfect transitional piece to team with shorts or over your shoulders on cooler summer nights, but also the most incredible layering piece through the cold months, too. Can’t say enough good things about this one.

In case you are interested — this post highlights my top favorite from July and goes over my thoughts with sizing!

As always, passing along my code for when you feel the urge to treat yourself! ‘AshleyK15’ xx


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