Wearing Vince gold slip dress




Quality over quantity.


Music makes every setting better. Cooking dinner, at the office, by the pool… play music every day to enrich the mood.


Appreciate life’s simple pleasures and everything uplifting and sweet in the world. A good read. Fresh, clean sheets. A dip in the sea. A cozy, rainy Sunday morning with a hot cup of coffee and no place to be…


When in doubt, order pizza.


Saying ‘good morning’ out and about should be a thing we revive. Say hello and smile as you pass a neighbor on your way to coffee or on your commute. These small, kind guestures spread happiness to you and who you greet… and that in itself is the stuff that can change the world for the better.


It’s all about perspective. Always choose to see the good and when you’re feeling off ― take a deep, calming breath and realign with the universe.


When in doubt, connect with nature.


Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.


Try something new once a week (at least). Something as little as a new recipe or coffee order. Expand your horizons.


There’s no such thing as guilty pleasures.


🙌🏼Love this. Great rules! And you’re so right. The simple pleasantries of a greeting on the street is so true. San Francisco lacks greatly in this and I’m victim of it now being here for 7 years I noticed it as the biggest change of daily life when I moved to the city that I hated most. I never realize I’ve stopped doing so until I go out of town when random strangers say hello and again I’m awoken to the fact I have stopped doing this daily.