My Jewelry Organization System

So excited to finally show you a look into my jewelry organization systems I’ve started to collect this winter! I don’t have a huge collection at this point, but it has been slowly growing over the years so it was time to upgrade from a marble dish to proper jewelry boxes.

I bought this large leather travel case and it’s just the cutest. I have a couple of girlfriends getting married this year and think this makes for the most perfect bridal shower gift as well (and you can have it initialed, too!). It comes in a few colors, but I really love how fresh the white looks alongside the pretty linen interior. I love how it has several compartments and was the perfect size for me right now for the number of rings, bracelets, and earrings I have.

After hours of detangling two of my necklaces awhile back, I ordered this leather necklace vault tray (in the white) and the vault box and lid, which has come in handy as well! They are both so sleek and easy to store, too. It’s been a game-changer. I have a few small dishes around our home for when I need to remove things to rinse off, wash my hands, etc., and my crystal ring dish on my nightstand for when I got to sleep, but other than that, I have been keeping my things stored in both boxes… love theses!

P.s. You can browse my jewelry shop here where I’m always adding things I like!


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